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BMS1000 LoRaWAN Enabled Gateway with BMS Integration


H2O Degree’s BMS1000 integrates H2O Degree’s LoRaWAN wireless submetering,
and water leak detection systems to energy/building management systems (BMS).

Energy data integration with the BMS empowers building owners and operators with the tools necessary to optimize resource utilization, enhance occupant comfort and drive sustainability initiatives.

Interoperability between the two systems via standard industry protocols (ModBus,
BACnet) allows for seamless integration into the building’s control and monitoring
infrastructure, enabling facility managers to make informed decisions to optimize
energy, reduce costs and meet sustainability goals.

Once integrated, the BMS can leverage the data collected to implement automated controls, such as adjusting HVAC systems or lighting schedules based on occupancy patterns or demand response signals.

Additionally, advanced analytics and reporting functionalities enable stakeholders
to visualize energy usage trends, track performance metrics and allocate costs

LoRaWAN Gateway with BMS Integration


  • BMS1000 integrates H2O Degree’s wireless submetering network to building/energy management systems (BMS).
  • Quick and easy installation. Connects to existing BMS via its bus as a third-party
    device. Automatically creates a new BMS system if none is available. Fully configurable remotely via a dedicated user web interface.
  • Connects to existing BMS via its bus as a third-party device. A fully “On Premise” device and does not have to connect to the internet to provide data to the BMS. This feature significantly reduces IT risks.
  • Flexible (remote) monitoring, controls, and logging: Collects data and controls
    equipment on-premise and/or in the cloud.
  • Powerful IoT device: Combines the functionality of a gateway, controller and modem in a single device.
  • Plug and play installation and configuration experience optimized for installers such as plumbers, electricians and system integrator contractors.
  • Smart protocol gateway supports 11 communication protocols; both standard and
    proprietary, wired and wireless protocols including a local IoT private network based on LoRa.
    • IoT Connectivity: Support of the LoRaWAN protocol
    • Wired Connectivity:
      • Modbus TCP/RTU
      • M-Bus
      • KNX
      • LON
      • LPB
      • Diematic
    • Local Server/Gateway: Support of:
      • Modbus IP
      • BACnet IP
      • MQTT gateway (client to provide data to local endpoints defined by customer)
  • Typically retrieves equipment data at 10-minute intervals — adjustable by user per protocol and data point


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LoRaWAN Gateway with BMS Integration