Can New Water Meters Make Your College Dorm More Efficient?

M54120 Battery Powered Water Meter

For administrations and the building managers, college dorms can feel like an inefficient waste of water. Each dorm is filled with college students who don’t think about the cost of having the water running in so many dorm rooms and showers that it can quickly add up for universities across the country. However, there are tools available to help monitor and adjust their water usage while having the data a mere click of a button away.

Benefits of a New Water Meter on Water Consumption

While a college dorm has a different feel for the students than a standard apartment complex, the way the building consumes water functions much like a multi-family complex. Water consumption can still feel like a major hurdle for universities trying to moderate their student resident’s water consumption and improve the overall usage rates. Taking a more nuanced approach with upgrades to your water submetering can help your institution better understand your dorm’s water usage.

Determine Water Usage By the Unit

Wireless water submetering technology helps you determine how much water gets used by a single unit during the course of a day. You have all the associated data at your fingertips through our wireless submeters, collected in one easy-to-access space.

More Accurate Water Billing

Additionally, you can have a far more accurate idea of your water billing. Knowing which areas have the highest water consumption for a large college dorm can help administrators determine which students use the most water in the dorm and have the RAs talk to those students.

Detect Water Leaks Before They Cause Damage

Sub-metering data provides a bonus for property managers and universities — a better ability to detect water leaks within the system before they cause damage and impact your water bill. Leaking toilets, showers and other water pipes can cause a significant spike in your water bills and total consumption, and can even cause damage to your building if you let them go unchecked.

A water submetering system can identify where within your dorm’s plumbing system has seen spikes in total usage and pinpoint where the leak occurred. Once you check the data and identify the spot, you can make the necessary repairs before any lasting damage can be done.

Lower the Total Environmental Impact

While the most common thought about water conservation is a simple “just use less water,” it’s often a more complicated situation than that. With a wireless submetering system installed, you can detect a water leak before it wastes too much water. You can also check which areas of the dorm can see an improvement in water usage and improve consumption levels.

Improving Your Dorms Water Usage, One Submetering Device at a Time

While individual dorm rooms are responsible for their own water consumption, if other areas of the building show signs of inefficiency, you can identify the source of the issues and make the necessary fixes. The information provided by the wireless sub-metering systems can work wonders for your dorm and improve your utility usage across the board. Finding a submetering solution that works for your dorm can prove challenging, but that’s where H2O Degree can help.

Browse through our inventory of wireless water sub-metering devices — including the M54120 Battery Powered Water Meter — and find the system that works best for your dorms. Learn more about our submetering solutions and place your next order today!