H2O Degree Electric Meter EM-3000


The H2O Degree EM-3000 Din-Rail Electric Meter is a multi-function power meter for monitoring and power analysis
of distribution feeders, transformers, generators, capacitor banks and motors. These meters are ideal for medium and low voltage systems in commercial and industrial applications.


EM-3000 Din-Rail Electric Meter



  • The H2O Degree EM-3000 provides a variety of energy/power displays including:
    – True RMS Measurement
    – 4-Quadrant Energy
    – Power Quality Analysis
    – Over/Under Limit Alarm
    – Energy Pulse Output
    – TOU, 4 Tariffs, 12 Seasons and 14 Schedules

  • Ideal for use as a data gathering device for building and plant automation systems.

  • Easy to read LCD display.

  • Alarming feature can be selected from any of the 35 parameters available.

  • Optional I/O module for digital input, pulse counter, pulse output and SOE.

  • Two pulse output option allows for two digital ouputs configured for kWh and kvarh. The pulse rate and width can be set.

  • All data is available vial digital RS485 communications running ModBus Protocol.

  • Metering Features
    – Voltage V1, V2, V3, V12, V23, V31
    – Current l1, l2, l3, lN
    – Power P1, P2, P3, Psum
    – Reactive Power Q1, Q2, Q3, Qsum
    – Apparent Power S1, S2, S3, Ssum
    – Frequency F
    – Power Factor PF1, PF2, PF3, PF
    – Energy Ep_imp, Ep-exp
    – Reactive Energy Eq_imp, Eq_exp
    – Apparent Energy Es
    – Demand Dmd_l1, Dmd_l2, Dmd_l3, Dmd_P, Dmd_Q, Dmd, Dmd_S

  • Monitoring Features
    – Power Quality
    – Voltage Harmonics 2nd ~ 31st and THD
    – Current Harmonics 2nd ~ 31st and THD
    – Voltage Unbalance Factor U_unbl
    – Current Unbalance Factor l_unbl
    – Max/Min Statistics
    – Meter Running Time and Load Running Time

  • Optional configurations include single unit in pre-wired enclosure and multiple meter unit cabinets. Contact factory for additional information.


H2O Degree Electric Meter EM-3000 specifications

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