H2O Degree Introduces a Smarter Way to Control Thermostats in Hydronic Heating Systems

Property managers of multi-family apartment buildings, especially older buildings, have long had to rely on outdated thermostat monitoring and controls for hydronic heating systems, which circulate hot water through radiators in order to heat each room in the building. H2O Degree now offers a convenient way to wirelessly control a building’s temperature without the need for expensive cabling systems or battery-powered units.

What is the Hydronic Radiator Control System?

H2O Degree manufactures a system that allows for completely wireless control of energy harvesting radiator actuators. The system relies on two components:

  1. HCB0104 Thermostat Radiator Bridge to Wireless Radiator Actuator — This programmable thermostat uses an EnOcean wireless bridge interface to provide completely wireless remote control and visualization through the H2O Degree dashboard.
  2. HCV0104 Radiator Actuators — Installed onto the radiators themselves, the actuators are self-powered via an internal thermoelectric generator.

This EnOcean wireless energy harvesting technology is the first of its kind in the US, and it offers distinct advantages for both property managers and their tenants.

Benefits for Property Managers

  • Completely wireless – This radiator control system is entirely wireless. It easily fits any existing system without the need for expensive cabling or battery maintenance. 
  • Convenient control – Using the H2O Degree dashboard, property managers can manage the system remotely from anywhere. Heating and cooling set-point limits can be managed globally or individually. The thermostat is programmable on a 7-day schedule, and it also has the ability to set units to “vacant” to conserve energy. 
  • Easier billing management – The thermostat’s run-time feature allows property managers to bill tenants for their specific energy usage. This feature provides incentives for residents to change their energy usage behaviors and could result in savings of about 20 percent on heating bills.

Benefits for Tenants

  • Individual temperature control – Tenants can feel more comfortable in their units thanks to individualized temperature control. 
  • Access temperature controls from anywhere – Tenants can control their thermostats through either a web-based or mobile application.
  • Incentive to reduce energy consumption – In some apartments, energy bills are simply divided evenly among all units in the building. By sending tenants a bill only for their energy use, they will be more motivated to conserve energy.

Learn More 

To find out more about H2O Degree’s wireless thermostat control system, or for a site evaluation to determine how well the radio transmission of the actuators would work, contact us today.