H2O Degree Water Submetering and Leak Reporting Solutions

Water damage!  If you have ever dealt with the swift damage water can cause to your unit’s walls and ceilings, then you know how costly repairs can be.  What if there was a solution that can notify you of an issue before it becomes a catastrophe?  How much time, money, and effort could that save for your bottom line?

The water submetering and leak detection reporting solutions from H2O Degree offer instantons and daily reports with the data you need to stay on top of any water leaks or usage issues in your multi-tenant facility. What’s more, the detailed reports can provide valuable insight to help you and your residents conserve water usage and ultimately save on utility costs.

Daily Leak Detection Report

You can choose from multiple different water leak reports available from H2O Degree’s online web portal. Systems can monitor H2O Degree water meters or standard pulse water meters installed in each tenant space and common areas:


Infographic comparing generic water meter options with those from H2O Degree.


The report can be sorted by a variety of criteria, including:

  • Property
  • Building
  • Apartment
  • Meter Serial Number
  • Point-Of-Use (toilet, shower, etc.)
  • Leak size

Water Usage Reports

All of H2O Degree’s water diagnostic reports can be accessed through our secure, password-protected web portal. You can get vital statistics about your property’s water usage in near real-time. There are several different types of water usage reports that you can use to spot any anomalies.

  • Gallons (cumulative gallons that have flowed through the water meter)
  • Number of events that have occurred (an event is defined as the cumulative number of times flow started and stopped) 
  • Number of minutes of flow (cumulative time that water has flowed through the water meter)
  • Number of modified therms of hot water energy in the water (cumulative)
  • Temperature of the water

Through these reports, you can identify usage patterns to discover which point of use (toilet, shower, sink, etc.) has the most water passing through  daily. Passing this information on to residents can help them to make informed decisions about their water use, resulting in better water conservation.

Leak Alarming Feature

In the event of an emergency leak, the system can be configured to instantly send out an email to up to 10 different parties that you identify. You can identify the conditions for the alarm to trigger based on the following criteria:

  • High Gallon Alarm: More than X gallons per hour for N hours
  • Constant Flow Alarm: 60 minutes of continuous flow in an hour

Start Managing Your Multi-Family Property’s Water Usage Today

To find out more about H2O Degree’s reporting solutions and how they can work for you, contact us today.