Introducing H2O Degree’s Latest Addition: LoRa-Enabled Water Meters

At H2O Degree, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of advanced submetering technology. Our innovative approach to utility conservation, tenant billing, and building automation has always set us apart. Today, we are thrilled to announce the addition of two new series of LoRa-enabled water meters to our product lineup. These meters, designed for both hot and cold water lines, promise to revolutionize water monitoring and utility management.

Advanced Technology for Accurate Measurement

Our new WM-2100 and WM-2200 series water meters are engineered to provide precise measurements for multifamily units and larger commercial systems. The WM-2100 Series, with its ¾” single-jet design, is perfect for individual multifamily units, handling a maximum flow rate of 22 gallons per minute (GPM). On the other hand, the WM-2200 Series caters to higher volume needs with 1” and 1 ½” multi-jet versions, supporting continuous flow rates of 44 GPM and 70 GPM, respectively. Equipped with electronic encoded registers, these meters ensure reliable volume recording. The dry-dial meter with magnetic coupling meets AWWA C-708 standards, guaranteeing accuracy. Additionally, the NFC tap-and-go commissioning and plug-and-play LoRaWAN activation make setup straightforward, while the 10-year battery life ensures long-term reliability.

Robust and Sustainable Construction

At H2O Degree, sustainability is a core value. Our new water meters are constructed from robust utility-grade materials that ensure durability and support environmental sustainability. These meters are built to withstand the rigors of daily use while maintaining high performance over time. The design includes features like electronic encoded registers that simplify data collection and reporting. This construction supports precise measurements while reducing the need for frequent maintenance, making these meters a cost-effective choice for property managers and billing companies.

Easy Integration with LoRaWAN Protocol

One of the standout features of the WM-2100 and WM-2200 series water meters is their LoRaWAN compatibility. As devices enabled by the LoRaWAN open protocol wireless network, these meters can transmit monitoring data over long distances — up to 10 miles line-of-sight. This capability allows for comprehensive and efficient data collection across large properties. The integration with H2O Degree’s online dashboard means property managers and third-party billing companies can easily access real-time data. This easy and seamless communication is the backbone of accurate and simplified utility billing, enhancing overall operational efficiency and pleasing property owners.

Extensive Certifications and Approvals

Quality and compliance are non-negotiable at H2O Degree. Our new LoRa-enabled water meters are certified for use in the State of California, carry NTEP approval (CC 19-019A2), and are NSF/ANSI 61-G and 372 certified and marked. Additionally, these meters hold New York certification (No. 10766) and Massachusetts certification (No. P-2024-466) and are certified by the LoRa Alliance (1.0.4 spec). These certifications underscore our commitment to meeting the highest standards in our industry. We craft products that are built to last and be effective in what they do. They assure our customers that they are investing in products that comply with regulatory requirements and deliver exceptional performance.

Join the Future of Water Monitoring with H2O Degree

H2O Degree continues to lead the way in utility conservation and management with innovative solutions that meet modern demands. Our new LoRa-enabled water meters are designed to offer property owners a reliable, cost-effective method for precise metering and simplified billing. With over 50,000 LoRa-enabled devices already integrated into 400 properties, there’s simply no one like H2O Degree. Ready to learn more about how these innovative meters can revolutionize your water management strategy? Speak with us today for more info on our groundbreaking wireless water metering products or to get your hands on these state-of-the-art devices. You can also check out how our wireless water flood & leak detection systems can help transform residential businesses’ performance.