L54120+ Battery Powered Water Meter Overview

The H2O Degree L54120+ Battery Powered Water Meter monitors and records water consumption for tenant billing and leak detection principally in the multi-family housing industry.

The meter not only monitors usage in gallons, it also records the number of events (such as every time a toilet flushes), duration of events in gallons and time. This provides highly accurate leak detection for the entire apartment down to individual appliances such as toilets and showers. H2O Degree can provide a daily automated leak detection report to its clients.

Point-Of-Entry (POE) – Water enters each apartment at one location, typically before the hot water heater in the utility closet. One meter per apartment.

Point-Of-Use (POU) – Riser pipe configuration, multiple points entering the apartment, feeding each toilet, sink, shower, etc. Multiple meters per apartment.

L54120+ Battery Powered Water Meter Applications:
– Main feed hot or cold water
– Toilets
– Clothes washer
– Shower
– Sink with or without dishwasher

L54120+ Battery Powered LoRaWAN Enabled Water Meter


  • The H2O Degree L54120+ water meter is a battery powered device that
    communicates wirelessly over a LoRaWAN secure wireless 915 MHz network.
  • LoRaWAN radio infrastructure provides the longest range in the industry for communication distances, eliminating the need for repeaters, all over a secure open protocol network.
  • The device collects and records six registers:
    – Gallons
    – Time water was flowing in minutes
    – Number of events (event is defined as each time water starts then stops flowing)
    – Battery voltage
    * All of the registers are cumulative or ever increasing registers. Even if the radio cannot transmit data, the water meter continues to record data.
  • By using a magnet, the installer can force a radio transmission and receive a LED sequence feedback on radio connectivity in real-time for ease/validation of commissioning.
  • Type of packet data reported: Data Packet Consumption (60 minute interval default).
  • Non-volatile memory maintains last reading in the event of a power failure.
  • The L54120+ battery has a five year warranty and can be replaced by the property’s
    maintenance staff.
  • Accuracy +/- 1.5 percent. (Meets AWWA C708 Standards).
  • Operating Temperature 0 to 150 Degrees F.
  • Flow 0.26-7.9 gpm.
  • L54120+ Approvals:
    – NSF-61-G Certified
    – Meets AWWA C708 Standards
    – MA Board of Plumbers Approved Cert. # P1-0918-94
    – NSF 372-2011
    – Certification standard ASME A112.4.7-2002
  • Five year warranty.

L54120+ Ordering Information


LoRaWAN Enabled Battery Powered Water Meter – Point-of-Entry or Point-of-Use (8 gpm) (requires a hose & flow sensor)
Point-Of-Entry braided hose assembly (3/4”) & flow sensor
Toilet supply hose & flow sensor (12”)
Sink supply hose & flow sensor
Shower hose assembly & flow sensor
Washing machine hose assembly & flow sensor
Tub & shower braided supply line hose (1/2”) & flow sensor