H2O Degree Smart Thermostat M5445x

M5445x Wireless Thermostat Overview

The H2O Degree M5445x Wireless Thermostat is a wireless networked thermostat. This thermostat is simple to install and is a direct replacement for many 24 VAC based thermostats. The M5445x maintains local HVAC control, even if network communication is lost.


The smart thermostat communicates with the H2O Degree Gateway wirelessly then connects to the H2O Degree Server in the cloud. Property managers can view all their thermostats, set-points and temperature readings through the H2O  dashboards and make adjustments to all units or individually. The tenants can be given access to their individual thermostat through a web-based portal or mobile application.


– Heat run-time
– Cool run-time
– Humidity
– Heat set-point
– Temperature
– Cool set-point

M5445x Wireless Thermostat


  • The H2O Degree M5445x is a programmable thermostat that communicates wirelessly to the H2O Degree dashboard for remote control and visualization.
  • M5445x Smart Thermostats provide an optional radio interface to H2O Degree wireless relay module for control of electric baseboard heaters, hydronic HVAC systems, etc.
  • Easy to install and the radio can download the  equipment configuration and date/time upon power up.
  • Collects room temperature, humidity, heat set-point, heat set-point limit, heat run-time, cool set-point, cool set-point limit and cool run-time.
  • Device allows property managers to set individual heat set-point limits and cool set-point limits for each thermostat or globally for all thermostats. In addition, the property manager can set the thermostat from heat mode to cool mode and vice versa.
  • M5445x Wireless Thermostat allows property managers to set units to vacant to conserve energy.
  • Night setback available for increased energy savings.
  • Thermostat is compatible with the H2O Degree secure wireless 2.4 GHz mesh network. The thermostat simultaneously acts as a mesh transceiver for the wireless network, enhancing the mesh network.
  • By using a key press sequence the installer can force a radio transmission and receive a LED sequence feedback
  • Type of packet data reported:
    – Data Packet (60 minute interval default)
    – Health Packet (120 minute interval default)
  • Non-volatile memory maintains last reading in the event of a power failure.
  • Thermostat is 7-day programmable.
  • Accuracy +/- 1.0 Degree F.
  • Available as:
    – 1 stage heat/1 stage cool
    – 3 stage heat/2 stage cool (depending on model).
  • Temperature control range 45-90 Degrees F.
  • Two year warranty.

M5445x Wireless Thermostat Ordering Information


9701 Thermostat – No Humidity (1 Stage Heat and 1 Stage Cool)
9801 Thermostat – With Humidity (1 Stage Heat and 1 Stage Cool)
9825 Thermostat – With Humidity (3 Stages Heat and 2 Stages Cool)
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Wireless Relay Module for 208 VAC
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