Need New Flood Sensors for Your Water Leak Detection System?

Having the most accurate and up-to-date water submetering and leak detection systems for building managers of large multi-family buildings can significantly help their tenants. These large buildings require a complex system that can quickly and efficiently detect leaks and locations before significant interruptions in their daily service. With improvements in sensor technology coming rapidly, keeping your submetering systems infrastructure current becomes a full-time job. 

Fortunately, with the help of H2O Degree’s new line of water leak sensors and automatic valve shut-offs, property managers have new tools in their arsenal to stop water damage before it’s too late.  

Benefits of Accurate Leak Detectors

The trouble with most water leaks comes from how noticeable the drip becomes. If it’s a slow and consistent leak, it may become difficult to detect the source of the leak before it’s too late. The visible signs of a significant leak often take time to become visible to the naked eye, and by then, the damage is done. 

By incorporating more accurate sensors into your meter reading technology, the system has a better chance of detecting the subtle leaks before they become that more significant problem down the road. 

With new LoRaWAN compatible water & flood leak detection and submetering products from H2O Degree, they leverage the networking capabilities of an H2O water submetering system to improve their ability to detect leaks and provide up-to-date information regarding the leaks. This information allows property managers to identify the source of the leaks and provide quick and efficient solutions to repair the damage. 

Smart Water Shut-Off Valves

An improved leak detection system doesn’t do as well without a quick way to address the leaks and protect the underlying infrastructure. To combat this, water submetering and leak detection systems from H2O Degree come equipped with state-of-the-art Smart Water Shut-Off Valves as part of the same network. 

These shut-off valves respond to leak detection sensors once they are triggered and swiftly go into action. As the flood sensor alarms get tripped, these valves respond accordingly with remote opening and closing functions to prevent additional and worsening water damage to your systems. With a WiFI connected system in place, you can set the sensors to automatically shut-off once it reaches a certain threshold to protect your property. 

Take Better Care of Your Building’s Water Supply

With so many tenants counting on your plumbing system to provide water for their daily needs, ensuring that it remains leak-free and isn’t a risk for water damage remains critical. With the help of H2O Degree’s new advances in water leak detection systems and automatic shut-off valves, building managers can better serve their tenants and ensure they have uninterrupted service and quick repairs. 

If you are interested in learning more about our LoRaWAN enabled products and services, contact our team today!