September 2018 – Press Release: H2O Degree Announces Emerson Swan as New England Rep

H2O Degree Utility Submetering, Water Leak Detection and Thermostat Control Solutions

H2O Degree's Appoints Emerson Swan as Greater New England Representative

Well established and highly regarded manufacturers' representative firm adds solid engineering and application support for H2O Degree's MA-approved line of water submeters and wireless mesh systems.

Bensalem, PA — September 18, 2018— H2O Degree, manufacturer of advanced two-way wireless mesh submetering systems for tenant billing, leak detection, utility conservation and building automation system integration in multi-family facilities, announces the appointment of Emerson Swan as their exclusive sales, application and engineering firm supporting the entire New England territory.

The Randolph, MA-based manufacturers’ representative firm has been serving the Greater New England region for 80 years with quality plumbing, heating and HVAC equipment including one of H2O Degree’s partners, Taco Comfort Solutions. According to Bill Pink, Emerson Swan’s Sales Manager Applied Products – Plumbing, “The H2O Degree product line meets our corporate objective to continuously seek innovative, creative and diverse approaches to apply to our core business.”

H2O Degree’s wireless battery-powered water meters and turbine flow sensors are approved by the Massachusetts State Board of Plumbing and listed on the state’s Accepted Plumbing Products Online System. The H2O Degree M54120 Water Meter is a battery-powered device that communicates wirelessly over H2O Degree’s 2.4 GHz mesh network. The unit gathers and transmits information from PLM10100 Turbine Flow Sensors – providing property managers with vital information including flow volume, water usage events and duration, water temperature and heat units and battery voltage. The easily replaceable battery’s life is rated at 5 years. The sensor/meter combination is approved to AWWA accuracy standards.

President of H2O Degree, Don Millstein, said: “H2O Degree’s innovative approach to water submetering has earned nationwide recognition for ease of installation, high reliability and accuracy. We are pleased to welcome Emerson Swan to our growing list of representatives across the country.”


About H2O Degree

H2O Degree manufacturers a broad line of wireless mesh, radio-based submetering and leak detection systems that measure individual apartment or condo use of water, domestic hot water energy, boiler and chiller energy, electricity, gas and BTUs. The company also offers Green Thermostats which track energy use and apartment temperature while allowing tenants and property owners to set temperature set-points and schedules, adjust set-back temperatures when tenants are away or asleep and report HVAC maintenance issues. For more information contact H2O Degree at or call (215) 788-8485.