Press Release: H2O Degree’s LoRaWAN Gateway Seamlessly Integrates Its Wireless Submetering/Water Leak Detection System into Building Management Systems

Press Release:

H2O Degree’s LoRaWAN Gateway Seamlessly Integrates Its Wireless Submetering/Water Leak Detection System into Building Management Systems

BMS1000 facilitates systems’ interoperability via standard protocols (BACnet, Modbus); Gateway integrates with BMS as third-party, “on-premise” device without need for internet.

Bensalem, PA—July 10, 2024—H2O Degree – manufacturer of advanced two-way wireless submetering and leak detection systems – introduces the BMS1000 LoRaWAN gateway. Designed to provide seamless integration and interoperability between a building management system (BMS) and H2O Degree’s wireless water submetering and leak-detection system, the BMS1000 enables facility managers to make informed decisions to optimize utilities, reduce costs and meet sustainability goals.

The BMS1000 gateway provides interoperability between the two systems via BACnet, Modbus, MQTT and other standard industry protocols. An internet connection is unnecessary since interface is provided via wireless IoT connectivity utilizing the LoRaWAN protocol or wired connectivity (Modbus TCP/RTU, BACnet IP, LON, others). Once integrated, the BMS leverages data collected by the submetering system, enabling property manager to implement automated controls, such as adjusting Plumbing & HVAC systems or lighting schedules based on utility consumption, occupancy patterns or demand response signals. Additionally, advanced analytics and reporting functionalities enable stakeholders to visualize water and electric usage trends, track performance metrics and allocate costs accurately – either on-premise or remotely.  Water leak detection and flood notifications integrated into a BMS system can prevent thousands of dollars in wasted water from leaks or physical damages from floods.

“Utility data integration with a building’s BMS provides building owners and operators with the tools necessary to optimize resource utilization, enhance occupant comfort and drive sustainability initiatives,” said Don Millstein, H20 Degree’s president. “As a fully ‘on-premise’ IoT device, the BMS1000 combines the functionality of a gateway, controller and modem, providing utility data to the BMS without the need for an internet connection. This feature significantly reduces IT risks.”

Quick and easy plug-and-play installation and configuration of the BMS1000 is optimized for plumbers, electricians and other installers. The gateway automatically connects to the building automation and control system (BACS) via its bus as a third-party device or automatically creates a new BACS if none is available. The BMS1000 is fully configurable remotely via a dedicated user web interface.



About H2O Degree

For over 15 years, H2O Degree has manufacturered a broad line of wireless radio-based submetering and water leak and flood detection systems that measure individual apartment or condo water use, domestic hot water energy, boiler and chiller energy, electricity, gas, and BTUs. The systems are ideal for tenant billing and leak detection reporting down to the toilet level, and energy analytics. H2O Degree’s wireless Green Thermostat control solution tracks energy use and apartment temperature while allowing tenants and property owners to set temperature set-points and schedules, adjust set-back temperatures when tenants are away or asleep, report HVAC maintenance issues, and control for vacant utility cost. In 2018, the company was among the first to deploy the long-range wireless LoRaWAN network in multi-tenant submetering installations. H2O Degree also offers LoRa-enabled window and door sensors, as well as wireless water-detection floor sensors and automatic shut-off valves that help property owners meet flood insurance requirements.