Tenant Billing & Green Building Solutions

Multi-Family Plumbing System Types

H2O Degree has a full suite of products to monitor all multi-family plumbing designs, both new construction and retrofit applications.



H2O Degree Web Portal

H2O Degree’s suite of tenant billing solutions provides building owners and managers with the data required to easily and effectively allocate energy consumption to individual tenants and building systems.

The H2O Degree web portal allows tenants as well as building managers to view energy data from anywhere Internet access is available. The web portal is password protected and provides easy access to usage data.
Data reports can be exported in the .CSV format from the web portal for individual tenants or the full building for tenant billing and energy analysis. In addition, H2O Degree’s web portal can interface with leading RBC (Read, Bill, Collect) companies to allow convenient utility billing for each tenant within the building.


Read-Bill-Collect Companies

H2O Degree partners with the leading RBC companies in the industry today including:

Industry Support

LEED Certification

H2O Degree’s submetering, leak detection and reporting solutions support energy analysis, green building programs and support LEED Certification efforts. The following are just a few of the LEED program points that can utilize H2O Degree products: