H2O Degree offers a variety of BTU submetering solutions and tenant billing solutions for multi-family and commercial facilities. 

BTU Metering products from H2O Degree measure the thermal energy used in a variety of submetering applications including hydronic heating and/or cooling, solar thermal, geothermal, water-source heat pump and co-generation.

Our BTU metering products can be used in water systems for multi-family, commercial and industrial facilities.

If you own an office building or apartment complex, accurate BTU metering products are essential when the time comes to allocate energy usage to tenants, building systems and more.


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Application Guides

Thermostat Monitoring Products

H2O Degree BTU Meter M54131
M54131 BTU Meter

 H2O Degree BTU Meters include both a BTU meter and flow sensor that monitor and record two temperatures, the temperature difference and the flow rate in order to determine BTU consumption.

The meters are fully compatible with H2O Degree’s wireless mesh radio network or can be used as a stand-alone product. In stand-alone applications the two dry contact pulse outputs are for positive (heating) and negative (cooling) therms.

H2O Degree BTU metering solutions are ideal for both new and retrofit applications.

H2O Degree BTU Meter RTD Outlet
RTD1004 BTU Meter Outlet Temperature Probe

This sensor is used to measure temperature by correlating the resistance of the RTD element with temperature.

The RTD1004 is a platinum RTD probe that has a stainless steel, 9/16” Hex housing with two foot long wires.This product is compatible with H2O Degree BTU meters.

H2O Degree BTU Meter Vortex Flow Sensor
Vortex Flow Sensor

This measures flows of liquid by detecting the flow velocity through the pipe.

Vortex flow sensors have no moving parts and are compatible with H2O Degree’s wireless mesh network system.

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BTU Submetering Solutions

H2O Degree’s BTU submetering solutions provide building owners and managers with the data required to easily and accurately allocate energy consumption to tenants and building systems.

When a facility chooses H2O Degree products to meet their BTU submetering requirements, our team of experts at H2O Degree is able to specify submetering systems that result in a variety of benefits. Submetering increases your property value more than any other capital investment or ancillary service, provides residents with accurate energy bills, and helps conserve water and energy to help protect the environment.

As utility costs continually rise, it’s crucial that residents pay actual utility costs based on consumption. Contact us today for more information regarding H2O Degree products to support your BTU submetering requirements.

Choose H2O Degree for your next BTU Submetering Project

The metering experts at H2O Degree take pride in providing solutions when it comes to measuring and controlling utility commodities around the globe.

While we provide a wide variety of BTU metering products, we offer other products and services to meter and monitor your utilities and control thermostats in your facility.

For more information about our water leak detection & alarming, utility submetering including water, electric, gas and BTU and LoRaWAN compatible solutions, contact H2O Degree today. electric metering products, gas metering, , thermostat monitoring control products, metering system infrastructure, and LoRaWAN compatible submetering products, contact H2O Degree today.

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