Welcome to a world of efficient water management with H2O Degree. As we navigate through an era where sustainability is more than just a buzzword, understanding and controlling water usage becomes imperative. If you’re looking for submetering application information, we have compiled numerous resources to help you navigate the realm of submetering and leak detection. Here, you’ll discover how systems like our BTU metering or thermostat control systems can transform your approach to water use, whether you’re a property owner, a facility manager, or a homeowner. 

Take a closer look at some of our submetering success stories below:

The sections below provide a resource for application information for submetering, tenant billing and water leak detection applications.  Click the “read more” article to view each article in its entirety.

Submetering Overview

The information below takes a deep dive into everything you need to know about submetering. This guide covers a wide array of topics, from the basics with ‘Submetering 101’ to specialized knowledge in ‘Commercial Submetering Solutions.’ Learn how submetering can be your best ally in leak detection, and explore how H2O Degree’s state-of-the-art technology, including our LoRaWAN Enabled Submetering Solutions, is revolutionizing water management systems. We also shed light on specific applications, such as multifamily property submetering and how it can streamline tenant billing and contribute to green building solutions.

Water Metering & Leak Detection

This comprehensive hub of information on water metering and leak detection is designed to equip you with extensive knowledge and resources on these crucial aspects of water management. Here, you’ll find detailed comparisons of the various water submetering systems we offer, as well as insightful schematic diagrams to help you understand the inner workings of wireless water metering systems. Learn how submetering can be a powerful tool for early leak detection, and explore our water meter overview presentation for a visual guide to the topic. Additionally, gain insights into the financial perspective with our investment analysis of our water leak detection systems.

Thermostat Control

This section offers a range of topics, including an in-depth presentation on thermostats that provides training and other resources and a detailed look at our thermostat monitoring solutions curated to assist you in understanding the technical aspects of these systems. Investment analysis provides valuable insights into the cost-effectiveness and benefits of heat energy tenant billing. Take a deeper dive into our monitoring reporting and monitoring solutions to help you optimize your thermostat usage for maximum efficiency.

BTU Metering

From seasoned professionals to beginners aiming to understand the basics, we’ll assist you through every step of the BTU meter installation process. This diagram aims to simplify the technicalities, provide best practices, and offer expert advice to ensure a smooth and successful installation. Click below to learn more.

Reporting Solutions

Here, we explore the innovative solutions offered by H2O Degree to manage, conserve, and reduce utility costs in multifamily facilities effectively. We aim to equip you with a thorough understanding of these solutions, from leak detection reports that respond swiftly to potential issues to diagnostic reports for toilets and water meters. We’ll also explore the proactive nature of H2O Degree’s reporting solutions, including its water leak alarming features.

Building Overview Diagrams

Our building overview diagrams help you gain an understanding of your building systems, their components, and how they interact within your submetering infrastructure. These diagrams provide invaluable guidance on installing and configuring various systems to enhance your energy management, improve water efficiency, and ensure compliance with key regulations.

California SB 7 Overview

California SB 7, pertaining to submetering, tenant billing, and water leak detection applications, has far-reaching implications for property owners and managers in California. We offer articles, guides, and diagrams that provide a thorough understanding of the requirements and compliance solutions associated with California SB 7. Here, we simplify the complexities of this legislation and how our submetering applications comply with this law.

LoRaWAN System

As an integral part of efficient data collection and remote monitoring, the wireless LoRaWAN System is a groundbreaking technology that enables seamless communication between various devices. We look into the specifics of battery-powered water meters, line-powered gateways, and a variety of sensors, all designed to provide reliable and cost-effective wireless solutions for multifamily properties and commercial buildings.