Commercial Submetering Solutions

In today’s commercial office, retail and mixed-use facility environments, utility management solutions benefit both the property owner and tenant alike. Whether the goal is to allocate utility costs to tenants, identify and manage water leaks, or control temperatures within the building, H2O Degree’s wireless utility management systems can provide an easy-to-install, cost effective solution to meet your unique requirements.

Utility Management
H2O Degree offers a variety of utility submetering solutions including water, electric, gas and BTU metering systems whether your goal is to bill tenants for usage, manage CAM charges or departmental cost allocation, we have a solution.

Water Leak Detection
Water leak detection is an integral part of any utility management program, H2O Degree provides solutions to help identify leaks within the building and send notification to your maintenance staff to save not only water, but also potential damage caused by the leaks.

Thermostat Control
H2O Degree puts temperature control at the fingertips of building managers and tenants. Managers can create set-points for each of their tenants to control their own thermostats, while giving tenants the ability to manage the temperature within their suite.

Web Portal & Reporting
The online web portal makes reporting and management easy for both managers and tenants alike. H2O Degree integrates easily within the leading billing and BMS providers and streamlining the process of billing tenants for their utility consumption.

H2O Degree Wireless Solutions for Utility Management

H2O Degree has led the utility management products industry for more than 10 years enabling owners and managers to recover and reduce utility costs within their facilities creating increased net operating income and boosting property values while reducing energy consumption costs. Over 100,000 wireless meters and control devices have been installed nationwide to support submetering for tenant billing (water, electric, gas, BTU), water leak detection, alarming and reporting, thermostat and radiator control and water & energy conservation programs.

Wireless & LoRaWAN Technology

H2O Degree Wireless communication technology allows for quick and easy installation in both new or retrofit applications. In addition, LoRaWAN compatible products allow for integration to LoRaWAN open protocol networks. Let H2O Degree’s team of experts help you design the perfect solution for your building.

Commercial Applications

Allocate utility usage to tenants, departments or common areas. Owner benefits include reduced operating expenses, increased net operating income, boost property valuation, provide more competitive rents, manage common areas and building systems and improve maintenance procedures. Tenants benefit by being able to control their own utility costs and now have the ability to conserve and change behaviors to lower expenses, while supporting green initiatives and improving the environment.

Managers can take charge of heating and air conditioning systems in the
building. Owners control temperature set-points, establish time of day
setbacks, view the temperature inside the unit as well as alarm for potential
maintenance issues. Owners can also better manage vacant units and
common areas. Tenants have access to a web portal or mobile app to control
the thermostat in their individual spaces. This creates a partnership between
management and tenants to conserve energy while balancing tenant comfort.

 Benefits for Commercial Buildings

Utility Submetering
• Tenant Billing
• Water, Electric, Gas, BTU, Run-Time
• Water – Point-Of-Use or Point-Of-Entry
• Common Area Management
• Water & Energy Conse4rvation
• Compatible with Billing Companies

Water Leak Detection & Alarming
• Proactive Response to Water Leaks
     – Toilets, Sinks, Kitchens, Building Equipment
• Monitors Gallons, Events, Time, Temperature
• Daily & Instantaneous Leak Reports Sent to:
     – Property Manager – Maintenance Staff

Thermostat Control
• Thermostat Controls for Heat & AC Systems
     – Electric/Gas Heat – Fan Coils
     – Hydronic Heat – Wireless Valve Actuator
• Owner/Manager Controls Set-Points
• Tenants Control Leased Spaces Within Set-Points
• Control CAM Charges & Vacant Space Utility Costs

BMS Integration
• ModBus Integraton & Point Maps Available

How Utility Submetering Helps Your Recapture Utility Costs 

With rising costs and increasing environmental concerns, effectively managing your utilities is more important than ever. We’re devoted to helping you recapture utility costs through our commercial utility submetering services.

Submetering is a proven solution that allows property owners to accurately allocate utility costs to individual tenants based on their actual usage. This promotes fairness and encourages responsible consumption, leading to significant cost savings and a reduced environmental footprint.

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