H2O Degree Submetering GM2000 Gas Meter


The H2O Degree GM2000 Diaphragm Gas Meter is constructed uniquely to our customers the edge they need in an increasingly complex and competitive marketplace.

The GM2000 Diaphragm Gas Meter is designed to increase your customer’s satisfaction and reduce your costs by offering modular flexibility and measurement accuracy for residential applications. The GM2000 is rated at a full 250 CFH.

GM2000 Diaphragm Gas Meter



  • The H2O Degree GM2000 is a gas submeter.
  • Equipped with pulse output to interface with H2O Degree wireless mesh network.
  • Common measurement module.
  • 4-chamber design. Tamper resistant design.
  • One piece, seamless, convoluted diaphragm. Designed for indoor or outdoor installation.
  • Lubrication free bearing surfaces.
  • Top entry adjustment. EZ-VU Adjustment Port. 5/16” nut adjustment mechanism.
  • Long life.
  • Pulse value 1/1cf or ft³
  • Technical Specifications:
    – Meter Capacity: 250 CFH Natural Gas @ .5 inch w.c. Differential 400 CFH Natural Gas at 1.0 inch w.c. Differential
    – Hub Center-to-Center: 6”
    – Hub Sizes: #1 Sprague Standard, 10 LT, 20 LT, 30 LT, 1-1/4”
    – Inlet Connection: 3/4” Female NPT
    – Meter Type: (TC) Temperature Compensated (NTC) Non-Temperature Compensated
    – Meter M.A.O.P: 5 PSIG (10 PSIG optional)
    – Meter Operating Temperature Range: -30oF to +120oF (-34oC to +49oC)
    – Surface Treatment: ASA 49 Gray Polyester Powder Coat
  • Approvals:
    – Meets ANSI B109.1.
    – Measurement Canada AG-0393
    – CA Weights & Measures 5398-11
    – Maryland Public Service Commission COMAR
  • Two year warranty.

Ordering Information


Diaphragm Gas Meter capacity 250 cubic feet per hour
Line Powered Pulse Counter – Indoor (4 channels)
Line Powered Pulse Counter – Outdoor (4 channels)
Battery Powered Dry Contact Pulse Counter – Indoor (2 Channel)
L54230 Two Channel Pulse Counter Radio (Battery Powered) 915 MHz