Gas Metering for Maximum Efficiency

H2O Degree provides gas metering equipment for new or retrofit multi-family residential, commercial and industrial applications. 

Gas submetering is a cost-effective method for dramatically reducing gas consumption while increasing the value of your property. When equipment is installed to meet your property’s unique gas submetering requirements of your property, it enables your residents to be cognizant of and responsible for their own gas usage, you will typically see the average gas usage go down. In this way, gas submetering solutions will help your residents save money by giving them the tools to become more aware of their personal energy consumption on a daily basis.

H2O Degree offers a variety of Gas submetering and tenant billing solutions for multi-family and commercial facilities. Click the product photos to view details on each gas metering product.

Gas Metering Products

H2O Degree Submetering GM500 Gas Meter
GM0500 Diaphragm Gas Meter
H2O Degree Submetering GM1000 Gas Meter
GM1000 Diaphragm Gas Meter
H2O Degree Submetering GM2000 Gas Meter
GM2000 Diaphragm Gas Meter
H2O Degree Submetering GM3000 Gas Meter
GM3000 Diaphragm Gas Meter
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Gas Submetering Solutions and the Environment

Not only does gas metering offer environmental benefits due to added energy conservation; it also brings an economic benefit to the owners of the property. Without the weight of increasing gas energy costs, gas metering gives property owners more flexibility in setting down rental rates and prioritizing structural enhancements in their communities. 

The economic and environmental benefits of gas submetering make their own case for the advantages of this service. Your residents can reduce their own gas costs by simply checking in on their own usage and making changes to reduce how much they actually use.

Get Expert Advice on Gas Submetering Requirements

Gas metering is founded on the concept of measuring the gas that is used by individual tenants, building systems and even individual pieces of equipment.. Gas meters are installed on your property’s gas lines accordingly and can be read by H2O Degree’s wireless submetering systems. 

Our gas meters read the gas consumption on a regular basis, so that a gas bill can be generated for each of your residents based on the actual amount of gas used.  This will increase your building’s efficiency while giving your tenants the power to manage their individual utility costs.

What Are the Benefits of Gas Submetering?

Some of the other benefits of our wireless gas metering units include:

  • Getting precise energy monitoring and exact usage numbers on your residents’ gas consumption.
  • The ability to perform granular in-depth reviews of your facility’s energy data.
  • Being better informed to make decisions that will help optimize your energy performance.
  • Having the ability to record actual energy usage without using estimates.
  • The ability to compare your usage across different facilities over time.
  • Having the ability to identify and do away with wasted energy.
  • Getting early access to maintenance problems for repair before vital equipment fails.
  • Identifying any unnecessary equipment running at night or during the weekend.
  • The ability to Compare and benchmark energy usage across similar facilities over time.
  • Detecting utility bill errors by comparing submeter usages with actual utility bills.
  • Better managing of your utility usage when facing limited demands or peak usage pricing from your utility.

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With H2O Degree solutions, measuring the gas energy your buildings use has never been so simple. Plus, as a nationwide provider of utility energy products, you can order your equipment from practically anywhere in the United States!

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