H2O Degree M54110 Temperature Sensor

M5411x Temperature/Humidity Sensor Overview

The H2O Degree M5411x Temperature/Humidity Sensor monitors, records and transmits the current temperature and the M54110 module monitors, records and transmits the current temperature and humidity information to the H2O Degree wireless mesh network.

The M5411x Temperature/Humidity Sensor can be used on either new or retrofit installations where temperature and humidity data monitoring is required.

M5411x Temperature/Humidity Sensor



  • The H2O Degree M54110 is a wireless temperature and humidity sensor. The H2O Degree M54111 is a wireless temperature sensor (no humidity).
  • The M5411x provides a radio interface to remotely  monitor and collect temperature and humidity data.
  • The device collects and records current temperature and humidity data and transmits the data via the H2O secure wireless 2.4 GHz mesh network.
  • By using a magnet, the installer can force a radio transmission and receive a LED sequence feedback on radio connectivity in real-time for ease and validation of
  • M5411x software can be updated over the air.
  • Type of packet data reported:
    – Data packet consumption (60 minute interval default.)
    – Health packet (120 minute interval default.)
  • Non-volatile memory maintains last reading in the event
  • Voltage input 9-28 Volts DC.
  • Operating temperature 0-70 Degrees C.
  • Humidity sensor performance:
    – Uses one integrated circuit for temperature & humidity over I2C bus.
    – Range 10% to 90% relative humidity.
    – Accuracy +/- 4% relative humidity at 25 Degrees C.
  • Temperature sensor performance
    – Uses one integrated circuit for temperature & humidity 
    over I2C bus.
    – Range 5-50 Degrees C or 41-122 Degrees F
    – Accuracy +/- 0.5% Degrees C or less than 1 Degree F
    – Response time 5-30 seconds
  • M5411x Approvals:
    – US Complies with FCC CFR Part 15
    – European RADIO EN 300 328:v1.7.1
    – European EMC EN 301 489-17:V2.1.1
    – European SAFETY EN 60950-1:2005 (Ed. 2.0)
  • Five year warranty.

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Temperature/Humid Sensor
Temperature Sensor – Single Input Only
120 VAC to 9 VDC Wall Plug Power Supply
24 VAC to 12 VDC Slip-In 250 mA Power Supply