H2O Degree WM-1000 Water Meter

WM-1000C Cold Water Meter Overview

The H2O Degree WM-1000C Cold Water Meter is a flexible axis pulse equipped cold water meter that is compatible with the H2O Degree wireless pulse counter.

These quiet and accurate meters fit inside challenging installation locations including between studs, under counters, along pipes and against walls.

Regardless of pipe angle, the meters are designed so that the measuring chamber can always be positioned horizontally for maximum performance and accuracy. This meter provides leak detection for the entire apartment based on one pulse per
gallon meter reads.

WM-1000C Cold Water Meter


  • The H2O Degree WM-1000C Cold Water Meter is a pulse equipped 5/8” x 3/4” x 7 1/2” lay length
    cold water meter for submetering applications.
  • Equipped with pulse output to interface with H2O Degree’s pulse counter.
  • 360 Degree angle installation flexibility.
  • Pulse value: 1/1 gal.
  • Low flow/leak indicator.
  • Fits tight inside challenging spaces.
  • Polymer, corrosion-resistant lead-free construction.
  • Flushing or testing plug eliminates need for jumper tubes.
  • Sustained accuracy for maximum revenue over time.
  • Engineered for efficient flow patterns with minimal head loss.
  • Quiet operation ideal for inside residential use.
  • Normal flow range: 1-20 gpm (+/- 1.5%).
  • Max working temperature: 120 Degrees F.
  • The WM-1000C water meter has a maximum flow rate of 20 gallons per minute with a pressure loss of approximately 11 psi at the stated maximum flow rate.
  • Approvals:
    – NSF-61-G Certified
    – Meets AWWA C708 Standards
    – MA Board of Plumbers Approved Cert. # P3-1116-193
    – CTEP Certificate # 5111(b)-12
    – Approved for use in California
  • Two year warranty.

Ordering Information


Cold Water Meter 3/4” 20 gpm POLY 1 pulse/gallon (CA approved) includes couplings
3/4” x 7.5” Spacer Tube – for use with WM1000, WM1100, WM1500 and WM1800 series meters
Line Powered Pulse Counter – Indoor (4 channels)
Line Powered Pulse Counter – Outdoor (4 channels)
Battery Powered Dry Contact Pulse Counter – Indoor (2 Channel)
Two Channel Pulse Counter Radio (Battery Powered) 915 MHz