H2O Degree Submetering GM3000 Gas Meter


The H2O Degree GM3000 Diaphragm Gas Meter is a commercial diaphragm meter which compromises a range of positive displacement gas measurement devices with capabilities of 400 cubic feet per hour.

The meter is the most compact and lightweight 400-class meter on the market today. With a wearless orbital valve, single convolution diaphragms, and lubrication free bearings, the 400A delivers initial and sustained accuracy.

These meters use proven, time-tested diaphragm meter technology in a 3-chamber design to provide accurate measurement across their respective flow ranges. Long-life and low maintenance are assured by the combination of a selflapping orbital valve, single convolution diaphragms, and lubrication-free bearings.

Attention to design makes them compact and light-weight for their capacity ratings.

GM3000 Diaphragm Gas Meter



  • The H2O Degree GM3000 is a gas submeter.
  • 3-chamber design. Wearless orbital valve.
  • One piece, seamless, convoluted diaphragm. Lubrication-free bearings.
  • EZ-VU Adjustment port.
  • Instrumentation compatible.
  • Easy Turn (ET) top option for simple installation. Easy handling.
  • Retrofits into any like-class installation.
  • Designed for Indoor or Outdoor Installation.
  • Meets ANSI B109.1, ANSI B109.2.
  • Technical Specifications:
    – Meter Capacity (CFH Natural Gas): 400 @ .5” w.c. Differential
    – Hub Center-to-Center: 6.25/32”, 7” or 8 1/2”
    – Hub Sizes: #4 Sprague, 20 LT, 30 LT, 45 LT
    – Meter Type: (TC) Temperature Compensated or (NTC) Non-Temperature Compensated
    – Meter M.A.O.P: 10 PSIG (25 PSIG Optional)
    – Meter Operating Temperature Range: -300F to +1200F (-340C to +490C)
    – Surface Treatment: ASA 49 Gray Polyester Powder Coat
    – Pulse Value: 1 pulse per cubic foot
  • Approvals:
    – Industry Canada AG-0298, AG-0385
    – State of New York Department of Public Service 91-G-0507, 96-G-0885
    – CA Weights & Measures 5630A-12
  • Two year warranty.

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Diaphragm Gas Meter capacity 400 cubic feet per hour
Line Powered Pulse Counter – Indoor (4 channels)
Line Powered Pulse Counter – Outdoor (4 channels)
Battery Powered Dry Contact Pulse Counter – Indoor (2 Channel)
Two Channel Pulse Counter Radio (Battery Powered) 915 MHz