H2O degree water meter PLM10100

PLM10100 Turbine Flow Sensor Overview

The H2O Degree PLM10100 Turbine Flow Sensors measure flow of liquid by detecting the local velocity of the flow through the pipe.

Turbine flow sensors are compatible with H2O Degree’s water meter models M54120 and M54122.

PLM10100 Turbine Flow Sensor


• Sapphire supported turbine for long durability.

• Rugged glass-fiber reinforced plastic ensures highest strength and performance.

• Wide measuring span (1:30).

• Flow proportional frequency output signal.

• Passed NSF61. NSF/ANSI 61-20142 and NSF/ANSI 372-2011.

• Technical Specifications

• Materials

• Two Year Warranty.

• Technical Specifications

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Turbine Flow Sensor (8 gallons per minute)