H2O Degree EM-3000 Pre-wired electric meter panel

VG7000 Transceiver Overview

The H20 Degree VG7000 data collector collects and stores data from H2O Degree EM-7000 meters.

The VG7000 receives data from the meters on a regular basis (typically every 120 seconds) from up to 200 meters.

The VG7000 is connected to the H2O Degree automatic meter reading system so that kWh data can be viewed and analyzed via a password  protected website from anywhere internet access is available.


VG7000 Transceiver for use with EM-7000 Electric Meters



  • The H20 Degree VG7000 data collector is a data accumulator that stores data from up to 200 H2O Degree EM-7000 meters.
  • Meter data is gathered by the H2O Degree IT1000 series gateway from the VG7000
    data collector on a routine basis, typically every 10 seconds.
  • The EM-7000 electric meters transmit their data every 120 seconds. The data from all
    of the meters is received by the VG7000 data collector.
  • One or more VG7000 data collectors can be polled by the H2O Degree IT1000 series
    gateway. The VG7000 data collector  communicates using MODBUS over Ethernet with the H2O Degree IT1000 series gateway.
  • The IT1000 gateway polls the VG7000 data collectors and then buffers the serial
    number and the kWh reading for each electric meter. The IT1000 gateway sends the
    serial number and kWh data to the H2O Degree server over the Internet once every
    data reporting interval (typically once per hour.

Wiring & Installation Information

Technical Specifications
• Electrical
  Voltage input: 100-120 volts AC, 50/60 Hz to external three prong power cord.
  Current: less than 2 amps typical, (10 watts)
• Environmental
  Operating temperature 0 to 50 degree C
• Physical
  (H x W x D) 3.0 x 5 x 6.875 inch
  Color: Gray
  Weight / shipping weight 1.5 lbs.
• Warranty
  18 months

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VG7000 Data Collector for EM-7000 Electric Meters