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The H2O Degree LS5000 LoRaWAN water flood rope sensor detects leaks with an easy, flexible design. The sensor allows users to monitor and prevent leaks across a wide area to protect valuable property and reduce operating costs.

The water leak rope sensor is used to detect water leaks in real-time for preventative maintenance. The sensor allows you to prevent leaks before a disaster happens with a simple, easy to install rope sensor. The sensor is designed to sense leaks along the full length of the rope and transmit an alert so you can react quickly to prevent damage to your building or equipment.

The H2O Degree water flood rope sensor is an ideal choice to preventative maintenance, equipment protection and building equipment.

LS5000 LoRaWAN Water Flood Rope Sensor



    • The H2O Degree LS5000 LoRaWAN water flood rope sensor is a rope style water leak sensor designed to work with the H2O Degree LoRaWAN open protocol wireless network.
    • Access real-time data on leaks in key areas.
    • Install across a variety of surfaces, including iron.
    • Monitor up to 3,000 mm of surface area with each device.
    • Reduce operational upkeep with extended battery life and small footprint.
    • Customize report timeframes for alerts when and how you want them.
    • Quick and easy set-up in minutes.
    • Technical Specifications:
      – Battery: 3.6V ER14505 AA lithium battery (2)
      – Estimated Battery Life: 5 Years*
      – Antennas: Built-in
      – Operating Temperature: -20 degrees C to 50 degrees C
      – Storage Temperature: -40 degrees C to 70 degrees C
      – Installation Location: Indoor only
    • Five year warranty.
    • Dimensions:
      Sensor: 112 mm x 65 mm x 32 mm
      Rope Length: 3000 mm (+/- 5mm)
      Diameter: 5.5 mm
      Material: Conductive polyethylene + alloy wire
      Weight: 141g

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LoRaWAN Water Flood Rope Sensor