H2O Degree WM-1800 Water Meter

WM-1800 Hot Water Meter  Overview

The H20 Degree WM-1800 is a pulse equipped hot water meter that is compatible with the H2O Degree wireless system.

The meter is used for measurement of clean hot water in one direction only, typically found in residential services, submetering services or similar applications.

The meter is a velocity-type meter meeting or exceeding the performance requirements of AWWA Standard C-708. Water, evenly distributed through multiple inlet ports, flows past an impeller in the measuring chamber, creating an impeller
velocity directly proportional to water flow rate.

The meter’s register integrates velocity into totalized flow. Meters are designed to operate up to 194 degrees Fahrenheit.

WM-1800 5/8″ x 3/4″ and 1″ Hot Water Meter with Pulse Output


  • The H2O Degree WM-1800 is a pulse enabled 5/8” x 3/4” or 1” hot water meter
    for hot water meter applications. Operates up to 155°F with occasional short
    duration excursions to a liquid temperature of a maximum of 194°F.
  • Equipped with pulse output to interface with H2O Degree pulse counters.
  • Pulse Value: 1/1 cf (standard), gallon registers available (specify when ordering.)
  • Main Case: Bronze main case of either 81% copper or un-leaded bronze.
  • Measuring chamber: constructed of a durable synthetic polymer and can be easily removed from the main case without removal of the meter from the line.
  • Magnetic Drive: provides linkage between measurement element and register. No intermediate gearing is required; no gearing is exposed to water.
  • Register: permanently sealed with stainless steel base and wrap-around gasket to prevent intrusion of dirt or moisture. Registration is available in US gallons and cubic ft.
  • Low Flow/Leak Indicator: center mounted indicator, with high sensitivity, resulting from direct measurement element linkage.
  • Strainer: a rugged, 360-degree polymer basket strainer protects the critical measuring element from damage due to entrained solids.
  • Adjusting Port: sealed after factory calibration. Port is accessible for utility calibration, to compensate for inaccuracy in older meters without parts
  • Tamper Detection: meter’s multi-jet adjusting port is sealed to prevent tampering and provides a visual indicator of tampering.
  • The WM18000H075 series water meter has a maximum flow rate of 20 gallons per minute with a pressure loss of approximately 22 psi at the stated maximum flow rate.
  • The WM18000H100 series water meter has a maximum flow rate of 50 gallons per minute with a pressure loss of approximately 12 psi at the stated maximum flow rate.
  • Designed for horizontal installations only.
  • Approvals:
    – NSF-61-G Certified
    – Meets AWWA C708 Standards
    – CTEP Certificate # 5415(a)-07
    – Approved for use in California
  • Two year warranty.

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