H2O Degree M54110 Humidity Sensor

W54455-MIN Relay Module Overview

The H2O Degree W54455-MIN relay module is a wireless mesh network line powered node with an integrated relay and current detector. The W54455-MIN is a wireless device for use in multiple applications.

The W54455-MIN provides a compact and economical solution for the control of devices such as baseboard heaters, zone valves and lighting. The module may be used to control heating when paired with a H2O Degree thermostat.

W54455-MIN Relay Module


  • The H2O Degree W54455-MIN is a wireless relay module.
  • Device enables control of baseboard heaters, zone valves, etc. when used with a H2O Degree thermostat.
  • Module is available in either 120 VAC or 208-240 VAC configurations.
  • Module features 3 small LEDs that help verify device status:
    – Power
    – Link
    – Relay status
  • Module connects directly to baseboard heater or other electrical device to be controlled.
  • Device can monitor a load with a maximum current of 15 amps.
  • Module includes an integrated industry standard 1/2” box connector for ease of mounting.
  • Five year warranty.

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Wireless Relay Module for 120, 208, or 277 VAC – Small Form Factor 3mw Radio