H2O Degree RBC Partners for Tenant Billing- Read, Bill & Collect Providers

H2O Degree provides the flexibility to multi-family clients to work with any RBC/meter reading companies they select for their tenant billing and allocation needs. The H2O Degree wireless metering solutions can seamlessly interface with most service providers. The following are some of the leading RBC (Read, Bill & Collect) companies in the industry that utilize H2O Degree products and services to provide meter reading & billing services to their multi-family clients.

You may click on the logo of our RBC Partner to visit their website, or click on their email address to send them an inquiry.

For questions about specific providers, feel free to contact H2O Degree with questions at (215) 788-8485 or email info@h20degree.com.

For information on how to order H2O Degree products and systems visit our Sales Network page.

H2O Degree RBC Partners for Tenant Meter Reading & Billing Services


Phone: (323) 933-9443

E-Mail: f.kirksey@accuratemetering.com

Argen Billing & Conservation

Phone: (678) 413-4082

E-Mail: argensales@argeninc.com


Phone: (866) 947-7379

E-Mail: service@conservice.com

CPL Group

Phone: (212) 664-7600


DependaBill Solutions

Phone: (404) 382-5313

E-Mail: info@dependabillsolutions.com


EMS Energy Management Systems

Phone: (800) 965-9642

E-Mail: sales@ems3.com


Hocutt Billing & Submetering Solutions

Phone: (214) 381-9991

E-Mail: hocutt@hocutt.com


MAG Multifamily Ancillary Group

Phone: (800) 941-5171

E-Mail: info@magrev.com


Minol USA

Phone: (972) 386-6611

E-Mail: info@magrev.com


Multifamily Utility Company

Phone: (800) 266-0968

E-Mail: sales@multifamilyutility.com


NES – National Exemption Service

Phone: (800) 488-1748

E-Mail: csr@submeter.com



Phone: (866) 729-5327




Phone: (212) 930-9300

E-Mail: sales@quadlogic.com



Phone: (877) 325-7243

E-Mail: consumer.relations@leasingdesk.com



Studebaker Submetering

Phone: (703) 916-9000

E-Mail: customerservice@studebakersubmetering.com

Submeter One

Phone: (225) 765-7577

E-Mail: sales@submeterone.com



Phone: (303) 604-6340



Phone: (212) 260-4800

E-Mail: info@utilivisor.com

Water Watch Ohio

Phone: (614) 895-3001

E-Mail: waterwatchohio@yahoo.com


Phone: (800) 866-1144

E-Mail: sales@yardi.com