H2O Degree Submetering GM500 Gas Meter


The H2O Degree GM0500 Diaphragm Gas Meter is made to accurately measure gas appliances in submetering applications.

The meter is a positive displacement non-temperature compensated diaphragm type gas meter made of die cast aluminum-alloy and surface treated with epoxy polyester powder.

This meter is suitable for applications where reliability and pulse output is desired.

GM0500 Diaphragm Gas Meter



  • The H2O Degree GM0500 is a gas submeter.
  • Non-temperature compensated.
  • Monitor natural gas and LPG.
  • Aluminum alloy body with surfaces treated with epoxy polyester powder.
  • Sealed register.
  • Designed for indoor installation.
  • Equipped with pulse output to interface with H2O Degree wireless mesh network.
  • Technical Specifications:
    – Use: Natural gas & LPG-Non Temperature Compensated Meter
    – 1/2” NPT Connection
    – Nominal Flow Rate: 56.5 FT3/h
    – Maximum Flow Rate: 88 Ft3/h
    – Minimum Flow Rate: 0.56 Ft3/h
    – Maximum Operating Pressure: 4.35 psi
    – Operating Temperature: 14-104 Degrees F
    – Cyclic Volume: 0.031725 Ft3/h
    – Storage Temperature: -4 to 122 Degrees F
    – Accuracy : +1.5% at 0.1Qmax<Q- Pressure Loss at Qmax: <0.03 psi
    – Pressure Loss at Qmin: <0.009 psi
    – Max Index Reading: 9999999.9 ft3
    – Pulse Output: 12 VDC max; 10mA max: No polarity
    – Pulse Value: 1/cf or ft³
  • Five Year Warranty.
  • Accuracy Chart:






  • Dimensions

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Diaphragm Gas Meter capacity 88 cubic feet per hour
Line Powered Pulse Counter – Indoor (4 channels)
Line Powered Pulse Counter – Outdoor (4 channels)
Battery Powered Dry Contact Pulse Counter – Indoor (2 Channel)
Two Channel Pulse Counter Radio (Battery Powered) 915 MHz