H2O Degree offers a variety of wireless products submetering, utility management, water leak detection and alarming and reporting. 

We are a leading provider of state-of-the-art wireless water meters, thermostat monitoring systems, BTU metering products, innovative building system layout solutions, and more. Our mission is to help you monitor, control, and conserve water in the most efficient way possible.

From residential properties to large-scale commercial buildings, our product range is designed with precision and backed by years of industry experience. We also offer robust reporting solutions that transform raw data into actionable insights. These tools allow you to track performance, spot trends, and make informed decisions that will enhance your water management strategy.

For those operating in California, we proudly offer comprehensive resources and products to ensure you’re meeting SB7 submetering compliance requirements. With H2O Degree, you can easily and confidently navigate the complex landscape of water regulation.

Join us at H2O Degree – where innovation meets conservation. Your journey towards smarter, more sustainable water management starts here. Click the product images below for details on specific H2O Degree Products for your applicaiton.

Water Meters

H2O Degree Submetering & Leak Detection Solutions - Toilet Meter

Explore our Wireless Water Meters, including the industry’s leading L54120 wireless water meter for apartment applications. Our full offering of WM Series meters includes a variety of choices such as cold water meters, hot/cold water meters, and multi-jet meters. For technologically advanced applications, our ultrasonic water meters, including models like the WM-3000 and WM-3100, deliver precise measurements with seamless efficiency.

But our offerings don’t stop there. We also provide an assortment of accessories and add-ons, including encoded registers, mesh transceivers, lobby displays and hose assemblies. Our solutions ensure efficient water usage and pave the way for substantial cost savings.

Water Metering Overview Articles

Thermostat Monitoring Overview Articles

Explore H2O Degree’s thermostat monitoring — a revolutionary solution that puts you in complete control of your heating and air conditioning systems. Our robust range of products is designed to empower property managers and owners with the ability to efficiently manage temperature settings, establish time-of-day setbacks, and monitor interior temperatures of units. These well-researched pieces provide valuable insights into the functioning, benefits, and application of our thermostat monitoring solutions.

BTU Metering Overview

With our BTU meters, property managers and owners can gain critical insights into energy usage patterns, identify potential areas for improvement, and distribute costs fairly among tenants. By using our BTU meters, you can optimize energy efficiency, reduce overall consumption, and contribute to a more sustainable future. Dive into our BTU Metering Overview to understand how our BTU metering system can transform your property’s energy management.

Building System Layout Overview

H2O Degree’s Building System Layout Overview is your gateway to more efficient and sustainable building infrastructure. Our BTU submetering products offer an advanced solution for measuring heat energy consumption, enabling you to optimize energy use and reduce costs. Explore our overview today and discover how H2O Degree can help you achieve your building’s efficiency and sustainability goals.

H2O Degree Reporting Solutions

Our reporting solutions are designed to transform the way you manage your utilities. Through our secure server, you can access a wealth of information about your property’s utility usage, from identifying large-scale leaks to monitoring individual water meters. Our instantaneous leak alarming feature takes it a step further by sending immediate email alerts when severe leaks occur, ensuring you’re always in control. Explore our reporting solutions overview in more detail below.

California SB7 Submetering Compliance Information

In an era where water conservation is not just a choice but a mandate, H2O Degree equips property owners and managers with the tools they need to meet stringent state regulations effectively. Our SB7 Submetering Compliance Solution is designed specifically for the unique requirements of California’s water conservation efforts.

Our suite of products, including the L54120+ Battery Powered LoRaWAN Enabled Water Meter and the WM Series Water Meters, offer precise measurement and monitoring of water usage in individual units. This granular data allows you to manage water consumption proactively, identify leaks promptly, and reduce overall water usage, thereby promoting sustainability while ensuring regulatory compliance. Learn more below.