L4000 LoRaWAN Display for Hot & Cold Water Applications

The H2O Degree L4000 is a LoRaWAN enabled tenant display for viewing individual water meter readings for hot and cold water applications.

The unit provides tenants with easy access to individual water meter consumption data which helps avoid tenant/landlord disputes. The display automatically detects meters, which allows for quick and easy installation.

L4000 LoRaWAN Display for Hot & Cold Water Applications


  • The H2O Degree LoRaWAN L4000 display is designed to work with the H2O Degree LoRaWAN open protocol wireless network to allow tenants easy access to accurate meter consumption data for each tenant.
  • Flexible Application — designed to work with both hot and cold water meters.
  • Accurate — Transferral of absolute meter readings to help avoid tenant disputes.
  • Exact correlation to original meter reading with fully encoded meter data.
  • Quick & easy installation — display automatically detects installed water meters.
  • Wired & wireless water meter readings.
  • Large industrial display with robust high definition color screen.
  • Capacitive touch with fast response high definition color screen.
  • Front panel IP65 waterproof.
  • Screen covered with 2mm tempered glass with wide viewing angle.
  • Approved for use in California.

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Tenant water reading display for cold & hot water applications