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L54215/L54230 LoRaWAN Enabled Battery Powered Two Channel Pulse Counter Overview

The H2O Degree L54215/L54230 wireless LoRaWAN Enabled Battery Powered Pulse Counter monitors and records dry contact pulses from utility meters to determine energy or water consumption. Model L54215 is a one-channel pulse counter, and model L54230 is a two-channel pulse counter.

State-of-the-art LoRaWAN wireless technology is integrated into the pulse counter to provide best-in-class wireless communication. The wireless system can communicate over a 1,000 foot radius from the gateway within a garden-style apartment complex and up to 30 stories within high-rise properties without any repeaters.

The LoRaWAN network employs an open protocol network compatible with other products on a secure and reliable platform.

The devices aredesigned to support water and gas pulse meters. The pulse counter device uses a battery powered wireless radio (10 year battery life) to report consumption. There is a 32-bit unsigned cumulative pulse counter register for each of the two channels. The pulse counter continues to count pulses even if the radio is unable to transmit the data.

– Water meter with pulse output
– Gas meter with pulse output

L54215/L54230 LoRaWAN Enabled Battery Powered One or Two Channel Pulse Counter


  • The H2O Degree L54215/L54230 is a battery powered wireless pulse counter that has two dry contact channels (L54230) or one (L54215) dry contact channels.
  • Device provides a LoRaWAN radio interface to  remotely collect utility consumption from up to two (2) separate pulse meters (any combination of gas or water meters with dry contact).
  • LoRaWAN radio infrastructure provides the longest range in the industry for communication distances, eliminating the need for repeaters, all over a secure
    open protocol network.
  • Distance: Pulse counter without repeater or additional gateway.
    – Line of sight – 10+ Miles line-of-sight
    – Garden-Style Property – 1,000 ft radius from Gateway, max 70 acre property
    – High-Rise Property – 15 story radius from Gateway, max 30 story property
  • Radio is compatible with LoRaWAN Class A secure wireless 915 MHz.
  • Device can connect to new or retrofit meters including (sample list):
    Water meters with pulse output:
    – Badger – Elster (AMCO)
    – Master Meter – Neptune
    – Norgas – SENSUS
    Gas meters with pulse output:
    – Dattus – Itron Metris
    – Norgas
  • Remote display available, contact H2O Degree for details.
  • Channel 1 and 2 can interface to dry contact pulse inputs only.
  • Consumption packet data reported (60 minute interval default).
  • By using a magnet, the installer can force a radio transmission and receive a LED
    sequence feedback on radio connectivity in real time.
  • Non-volatile memory maintains last reading in the event of a power failure.
  • Optimize battery life with adjustable send intervals (from 5 minute to 255 minutes.).
  • System reports battery life to end user for maintenance.
  • Ten year battery life.
  • Ten year warranty.



Technical Specifications

Battery Voltage: 3.6 Volts
Battery: D Cell Lithium

Regulatory approvals
• FCC IO T9JRN2903
• Complies with FCC CFR47 Part 15 Sub Part I
• Complies with Industry Canada L
• LoRaWAN 18.5 dBm output power
• High sensitivity -146 dBm
• FSK, GFSK, LoRa Technology Modulation
• Antenna 1.3 db trace antenna or SMA connector for a 2.0 db
whip antenna
• Operating temperature -40 to 85 degree C
• Storage temperature -40 to 115 degrees C
• AES 128 Encryption Keys
Installation Indicators
Reed switch used with magnet to force radio transmission
Two LEDs (green and red) to indicate status of transmission
Length of Signal Wires
The L54230 battery pulse counter has been tested with 22 AWG
stranded wire between the meter and the L54230 pulse counter
for up to 100 feet in length. This length of wire proved to be 100%
pulse accurate.
• (H x W x D) 5.36 (with flanges) x 3.33 x 1.73
• Color: black
• Weight / shipping weight < 9 oz. / 1 lbs.
• Ten Years
Battery Life
• Ten Years
Pulse Electrical Characteristics
• Open state impedance is greater than 1 mega ohm
• Closed state impedance is less than 1 kilo ohm
• Pulse width of qualifying pulse (active low) is greater than 25
• The maximum frequency is 1 Hz (one pulse per second)

Wiring & Installation Information

H2O Degree L54230 Meter Installation-Two Water Meter Diagram

H2O Degree M54230 Meter Installation-Two Water Meter Diagram

H2O Degree L54230 Meter Installation-One Water Meter and One Gas Meter Diagram

H2O Degree M54230 Meter Installation-One Water Meter and One Gas Meter Diagram

L54230 Signal Wiring
(Push connectors with press to release. Not polarity sensitive)

H2O Degree M54230 pulse counter signal wiring

The push connectors can accommodate 18-22 AWG wire either solid or stranded. If the wire is stranded, the end should be tinned to prevent shorts/wire breaks.

Ordering Information


L54215 One Channel Pulse Counter Radio (Battery Powered) 915 MHz
L54215 One Channel Pulse Counter Radio (Battery Powered) 915 MHz for Outdoor Installation
L54230 Two Channel Pulse Counter Radio (Battery Powered) 915 MHz
L54230 Two Channel Pulse Counter Radio (Battery Powered) 915 MHz for Outdoor Installation
LoRaWAN Enabled Gateway* See Separate Specifications for LoRaWAN Gateways