H2O Degree BTU Meter Vortex Flow Sensor

Vortex Flow Sensor Overview

The H2O Degree Vortex Flow Sensor measures flows of liquid by detecting the local velocity of the flow through the pipe.

The sensors have no moving parts and are compatible with H2O Degree’s wireless mesh network system.

Vortex Flow Sensor



  • The H2O Degree Vortex Flow Sensor is a solid-state flow sensor for liquids with no moving parts.
  • Rugged glass fiber reinforced plastic ensures the highest strength and performance.
  • Completely encapsulated piezoceramic pick-up to detect the vortices.
  • Wide measuring span (1:20).
  • Max. medium temperature up to 194 degrees Farenheit.
  • Temperature sensor integrated.
  • Analog or pulse output signals for flow and/or temperature.
  • Maximum 10.6 gpm.
  • Two year warranty.

Ordering Information


1/2” Vortex Flow Sensor 8-30 Volt
1” Vortex Flow Sensor 8-30 Volt
Vortex cable with RJ-45 Connector