Implementing a wireless water leak detection solution is a quick and easy solution for multi-family residential and commercial buildings. Not only will H2O Degree’s wireless water metering technology locate sources of the leaks and damage; it can also lead to savings on your water bill. H2O Degree manufactures and provides wireless water leak detection systems and water submetering solutions to measure the individual use of water and other utilities – including electric, gas and BTU —for a variety of multi-tenant facilities.

Wireless Water Metering

Water leaks affect both the water bill and sewer bill of a building. In fact, it’s estimated that 14% of the average American household’s water use is due to household leaks. According to EPA WaterSense, household water leaks waste a total of more than one trillion gallons annually nationwide. Fixing leaks can save multi-family property owners roughly 10-20% on their water bills.

H2O Degree offers a variety of wireless water metering and leak detection solutions for multi-family and commercial multi-tenant buildings.  Click the product photos below for details on each of the water metering products, or contact our team of experts for a free site evaluation at

Water Meters

L54120_ LoRaWAN Enabled Battery Powered Water Meter
H2O Degree WM-1100 Water Meter
WM-1100 Hot or Cold Water Meter
H2O Degree WM-1400 Water Meter
WM-1600 Cold Water Meter w/Pulse Output
H2O Degree Wireless Battery Powered Water Meter
M54120 Battery Powered Water Meter
H2O Degree WM-1200-1300 Water Meter
WM-1200 Hot or Cold Water Meter- 3/4", 1" 1.5" and 2" Multi-jet
H2O Degree WM-1400 Water Meter
WM-2000 Cold Water Meter Encoded Register
H2O degree wireless line powered water meter
M54122 Line Powered Water Meter
H2O Degree WM-1200-1300 Water Meter
WM-1300 Cold Water Meter w/Pulse Output
H2O Degree WM-1800 Water Meter
WM-1800 5/8" x 3/4" and 1" Hot Water Meter with Pulse Output
H2O Degree WM-1000 Water Meter
WM1000 Cold Water Meter
H2O Degree WM-1400 Water Meter
WM-1400 3/4" Hot or Cold Water Meter with Pulse Output
WM-3000 Ultrasonic Water Meters - 1/4" - 2"
WM-3100 Ultrasonic Water Meter - 1 1/2" - 8"

Water Metering Accessories

H2O degree water meter PLM10100
PLM10100 Flow Sensor
H2O Degree POU Hose Assembly
Point-of-Use Hose Assemblies
H2O Degree POU Hose Assembly
Point-of-Entry Hose Assemblies
H2O Degree M54190 Encoded Register
M54190 & M54191 Encoded Register Mesh Transceiver
RDU-1000 Remote Display Units

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Additional Information…

Where is the Most Prevalent Leak?

The toilet is the number one fixture that leaks water. Since a toilet leak may not be readily apparent, it may go undetected for weeks or months. A toilet leak can be caused by anything from a damaged flapper to cracked fill valves to hung-up flapper chains.

What is Wireless Submetering?

Wireless submetering is a system that allows a landlord or property manager to bill tenants for individually measured utility usage. Wireless water meters from H2O Degree are designed to both submeter water consumption in apartments and provide actual utility metering data to tenants and building owners, but also deliver daily leak reports to a property owner’s maintenance team. Alarms and alerts of water leaks and other anomalies allow the maintenance team to address issues within a building quickly, ensuring that wasted energy or water is kept to a minimum. The H2O Degree wireless water metering system can be installed in both new or retrofit applications and also integrate with leading RBC (Read, Bill Collect) companies for automated tenant billing of utility usage.

 Water Submetering Requirements for LEED & Green Building Initiatives

H2O Degree’s water submetering, leak detection and reporting solutions support energy analysis, green building programs and support LEED water submetering requirements.  Points for water submetering and conservation are available in Home Design & Construction as well as Existing Buildings: Building Operations & Maintenance and Building Design & Construction.

To learn how H2O Degree can help you submeter water to support your LEED certification and green building initiatives contact our team of experts today!

Water Leak Alarming

H2O Degree’s water submetering solutions provide an added feature of an instantaneous water leak alarming feature, which generates an email to the appropriate predetermined parties when a severe leak occurs. Here’s how leaks can be defined:

  • High Gallon Alarm (More than X gallons per hour for N hours)
  • Constant Flow Alarm (60 minutes of flow in an hour)

Contact H2O Degree

With H2O Degree solutions, measuring the water your buildings use has never been so simple. Plus, as a leading provider of wireless water metering systems, you can order your water metering equipment from practically anywhere in the United States! Feel free to contact your local representative for a free site evaluation and product information, or you may also contact the sales team at H2O Degree with questions by phone or email at

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