Implementing a wireless water flood and leak detection system is a quick and easy solution for residential buildings. Whether in a new or retrofitted facility, the flood sensors proactively monitor a variety of sources, such as toilets, washing machines, and hot water heaters, for leaks and send alerts to building and maintenance staff to effectively avoid costly flood damage. Not only will H2O Degree’s water metering technology locate sources of the leaks and floods, but it can also lead to significant utility savings.

H2O Degree proudly provides water meter, flood, and leak monitoring for a variety of multi-tenant facilities, including apartments, student housing, senior living facilities, and veteran and military housing. For a more precise approach to monitoring utility consumption and allocating costs, contact our specialists about wireless submetering systems. 

Our Wireless Water Metering Solutions 

Water leaks affect both the water bill and sewer bill of a building. In fact, an estimated 14% of the average American household’s water use is due to leaks. According to EPA WaterSense, household water leaks waste a total of more than one trillion gallons annually nationwide. Fixing leaks can save multi-family property owners roughly 10-20% on their water bills. Of course, they need the technology to detect these leaks before damage occurs.

Alarms and alerts of water leaks and other anomalies allow the maintenance team to quickly address issues within a building, ensuring that wasted energy or water is kept to a minimum. The H2O Degree water meter and leak detector system for residential buildings can be installed in new or retrofit applications and integrated with leading RBC (Read, Bill Collect) companies for automated tenant billing of utility usage. Our wireless water submeter, leak detection, and reporting solutions also support energy analysis, green building programs, and LEED water submetering requirements. 


H2O Degree offers a variety of wireless water metering and leak detection solutions, including our L54120+ Battery Powered LoRaWAN Enabled Water Meter and WM-3100 Ultrasonic Water Meter for multi-family and commercial multi-tenant buildings. Click the product photos below for details on each of the water metering products, or contact our team of experts for a free site evaluation at

Water Meters

L54120_ LoRaWAN Enabled Battery Powered Water Meter
H2O Degree WM-1100 Water Meter
WM-1100 Hot or Cold Water Meter
H2O Degree WM-1400 Water Meter
WM-1600 Cold Water Meter w/Pulse Output
H2O Degree Wireless Battery Powered Water Meter
M54120 Battery Powered Water Meter
H2O Degree WM-1200-1300 Water Meter
WM-1200 Hot or Cold Water Meter- 3/4", 1" 1.5" and 2" Multi-jet
H2O Degree WM-1400 Water Meter
WM-2000 Cold Water Meter Encoded Register
H2O degree wireless line powered water meter
M54122 Line Powered Water Meter
H2O Degree WM-1200-1300 Water Meter
WM-1300 Cold Water Meter w/Pulse Output
H2O Degree WM-1800 Water Meter
WM-1800 5/8" x 3/4" and 1" Hot Water Meter with Pulse Output
H2O Degree WM-1000 Water Meter
WM1000 Cold Water Meter
H2O Degree WM-1400 Water Meter
WM-1400 3/4" Hot or Cold Water Meter with Pulse Output
WM-2100 Hot or Cold LoRaWAN Enabled 3/4" Single Jet Meter with Electronic Register
WM-2200 Hot or Cold LoRaWAN Enabled 1" & 1.5" Multi Jet Meter with Electronic Register
WM-3000 Ultrasonic Water Meters - 1/4" - 2"
WM-3100 Ultrasonic Water Meter - 1 1/2" - 8"

Water Metering Accessories

H2O degree water meter PLM10100
PLM10100 Flow Sensor
H2O Degree POU Hose Assembly
Point-of-Use Hose Assemblies
H2O Degree POU Hose Assembly
Point-of-Entry Hose Assemblies
H2O Degree M54190 Encoded Register
M54190 & M54191 Encoded Register Mesh Transceiver
RDU-1000 Remote Display Units

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Additional Information…

Wireless Water Meters for Apartments 

Property managers of multi-family housing have the incredible task of overseeing multiple units and common areas as well as the utility equipment in each one. Without wireless water meters, managing slow leaks and preventing unnecessary property damage would be nearly impossible. Submetering technology allows landlords and property managers to monitor water consumption and detect leaks in precise locations, leading to increased savings and reduced water usage.

Wireless water meters for apartments can be installed in specific units or common areas to monitor water-using fixtures and appliances, such as toilets and water heaters. These sensors gather water usage data so facility managers can quickly address potential leaks and mitigate damage. They can also use this information to incentivize tenants to use less water by sharing the system’s web portal. Within this portal, tenants will be able to see where they use the most water and how they can take steps to reduce their utility bills.

Water Meter, Flood, and Leak Monitoring for Student Housing

Our remote water meter monitoring systems provide instantaneous water leak alerts, so maintenance staff can respond in a timely manner and prevent the closure of student housing. In addition to generating an email to the appropriate parties when a severe leak occurs, these systems can trigger the closure of automatic shut-off valves, preventing further damage to the apartment, dorm, common area, or lower levels.

While our wireless water submeter monitors water usage for potential leakages, the data found in the generated reports can also be used to inform facility managers when a unit is unoccupied. If a meter doesn’t detect water usage within a certain time period, management can decide to remotely adjust the unit’s heating and cooling system. This is an important feature for student housing, especially when students leave for the holidays and forget to adjust their thermostats. As a result, facility managers do not have to worry about wasting energy on vacant apartments or dorms.

Water Meter, Flood, and Leak Monitoring for Senior Living Facilities

Remote water meter monitoring systems are important for senior living facilities not only for the energy and renovation savings property owners can gain but also for preventing accidents. Residents in assisted living and retirement communities are more at risk of slip and fall accidents. If a toilet, sink, or shower leaks water onto the floor, someone could easily hurt themselves. Our water meter and leak detector system for residential buildings can detect water that has flooded the floor and notify management to shut off the water or trigger the automatic shut-off valve to close right away. No matter your specific concerns, our team can outfit your building with the equipment needed to manage water leaks and protect the well-being of your residents.

Water Meter, Flood, and Leak Monitoring for Veteran and Military Housing

Undetected water leaks lead to mold growth and create unhealthy living conditions. Our water meter and leak detector systems for residential buildings are designed to help property managers manage potentially hazardous situations and avoid expensive remediation and renovation costs. With these meters placed on plumbing fixtures throughout veteran and military housing, management doesn’t have to worry about catastrophic plumbing leaks driving up rental costs or forcing unplanned closures. Instead, they can proactively create a comfortable living environment for military personnel and their families.

Water Meter, Flood, and Leak Monitoring for Hospitality 

H2O Degree is revolutionizing how residential hospitality buildings manage water usage and leak detection. Our state-of-the-art wireless water metering technology empowers property managers to proactively detect and address leaks, averting potentially expensive flood damages. We monitor a wide range of sources, from toilets and washing machines to hot water heaters, and provide real-time alerts to your building and maintenance staff. Our systems contribute significantly to water conservation and reduction in utility costs, providing a safer environment for guests, visitors, and all others.

How Smart Water Leak Detectors Protect Your Property

In the ever-evolving landscape of property management, smart water leak detectors have emerged as an essential tool for safeguarding your property from costly water damage. These cutting-edge devices are equipped with advanced technology that actively monitors your property for any signs of leaks or flooding. The wireless sensors, strategically installed throughout your property, can swiftly detect leaks from various sources, including toilets, washing machines, hot water heaters, irrigation systems, and so much more.

But how do they truly make a difference in your residential property? Here are some key benefits of smart water leak detectors:

  • Preemptive Protection: They provide an early warning system, detecting leaks before they escalate into significant issues, thereby preventing potentially expensive water damage.
  • Automated Control: Some models offer automatic shutoff features in the case of a detected leak, further minimizing potential damage.
  • Insurance Advantages: Using smart water leak detectors can potentially lower your insurance premiums, providing financial benefits.
  • Water Usage Optimization: By tracking water consumption patterns, these devices enable more efficient water use, leading to savings on utility bills.
  • Real-time Monitoring and Advanced Analytics: With IoT-powered detection, you get real-time monitoring and advanced analytics to ensure better water management.

How Water Metering Solutions Help You Practice More Sustainable Water Usage in Residential Properties

Sustainable water usage is no longer a choice in our world today. H2O Degree’s water metering solutions are pivotal in driving this change to sustainability. By providing comprehensive water usage monitoring, these systems allow residential buildings to manage their water consumption effectively. With the power to track water usage in real time, residents and property managers are equipped to make informed decisions, identify areas of high water usage, and take steps to reduce consumption. This contributes to significant savings on water bills and also encourages water conservation in these critical ways:

  • Monitor Daily Water Usage
  • Detect and Address Leaks Early
  • Track Individual Appliance Usage
  • Educate and Encourage Conservation
  • Implement Low-Flow Fixtures

Moreover, H2O Degree’s solutions are designed to support energy analysis and green building programs, meeting LEED water submetering requirements. This aligns residential properties with sustainable practices and promotes a greener living environment.

Contact H2O Degree and Detect Leaks with Our Water Metering Solutions 

With H2O Degree solutions, measuring the water your buildings use has never been so simple. Plus, as a leading provider of water meter and leak detector systems for residential buildings, we make it possible to order water metering equipment from practically anywhere in the United States! Feel free to contact your local representative for a free site evaluation and product information, or reach out to the sales team at H2O Degree with questions.