H2O Degree WM-1400 Water Meter

WM-1600 Hot or Cold Water Meter Overview

The H2O Degree WM-1600 Hot or Cold Water Meter pulse equipped hot or cold water meter that is compatible with the H2O Degree wireless system.

The meter is durable, compact, highly accurate and provides a pulse output. The polymer composite material consists of a 50% nylon blend that has high strength with good rigidity and is designed for horizontal installation only.

The magnetic drive, low torque register measures in gallons. Register is also magnet resistant and dry to prevent moisture intrusion. Finger strainer is installed to protect the meter from any incoming debris. Rugged design provides for stable accuracy in aggressive environments.

WM-1600 Cold or Hot Water Meter


  • The H2O Degree WM-1600 is a pulse enabled 3/4” x 5” lay length hot or cold water meter for submetering applications.
  • Available for hot or cold water applications.
  • Equipped with pulse output to interface with H2O Degree pulse counter.
  • Pulse Value: 1/10 gal. (standard), 1/1 gal. (specify when ordering.)
  • Measuring chamber: .25 gpm low flow, wide effective flow range, dry free rotating register in durable enclosure.
  • Designed for horizontal installations only.
  • Technical Specifications:
    – Max Flow Rate: 22 gpm
    – Nom Flow Rate: 11 gpm
    – Min Flow Rate (+/- 3%): 1/4 gpm
  • Max working temperature:
    – Max Work Pressure: 150 psi
    – Max Work Temp: 105 Degrees F (cold), 160 Degrees F (hot)
  • The WM-1600 series water meter has a maximum flow rate of 22 gallons per minute with a pressure loss of approximately 12 psi at the stated maximum flow rate.
  • Approvals:
    – NSF-61-G Certified
    – Meets AWWA C712-10 Standards
    – MA Board of Plumbers Approved Cert. # P3-0116-236
    – NTEP Certificate # 12-095
  • Two year warranty.

Ordering Information


WM-1600H 3/4” Hot Water Meter with Pulse Output – 1 Pulse/10 Gallon
WM-1600C 3/4” Cold Water Meter with Pulse Output – 1 Pulse/10 Gallon
3/4” x 5” Spacer Tube – For use with WM1400 and WM1600 series meters
Line Powered Pulse Counter – Indoor (4 channels)
Line Powered Pulse Counter – Outdoor (4 channels)
M54230 Two Channel Battery Powered Pulse Counter
L54230 Two Channel Pulse Counter Radio (Battery Powered) 915 MHz