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H2O Degree offers a variety of LoRaWAN compatible submetering products for tenant billing, utility management, and green building initiatives. For large apartment buildings with long ranges between each unit, having a wireless LoRaWAN system is a great option for keeping the entire building running efficiently. The savings in both utility costs and environmental impacts make H2O Degree’s LoRaWAN compatible submetering products an obvious choice for property managers looking to monitor their utilities.

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LoRaWAN System Compatible Products

L54120+ LoRaWAN Enabled Battery-Powered Water Meter
WM-2100 Hot or Cold LoRaWAN Enabled 3/4" Water Meter
WM-2200 Hot or Cold LoRaWAN Enabled 1" & 1.5" Water Meter
L4000 LoRaWAN Remote Display for Hot & Cold Water Applications
LoRaWAN L54215/L54230 One or Two-Channel Battery Power Pulse Counter
H2O Degree IT1000 IT1002 LIT1005Gateway
LIT1005 LoRaWAN Line Powered Gateway
LS1000 LoRaWAN Door/Window Sensor
LS2000 LoRaWAN Multi-Sensor
LS3000 LoRaWAN Occupancy Sensor
LS4000 LoRaWAN Flood Sensor
LS5000 LoRaWAN Water Flood Rope Sensor
LS6000 LoRaWAN Smart Valve
H2O Degree IT2010/LIT2010 Cellular Modem & LoRaWAN Cellular Modem
LIT2010 Cellular Modem
L54110 Humidity/Temperature Sensor
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What is LoRaWAN Compatibility?

LoRaWAN, or Long Range Wide Area Networks, specialize in wide areas where low-powered systems need to interact with each other wirelessly. When we say that we have LoRaWAN compatible submetering products, we are saying that our LoRaWAN enabled products integrate seamlessly with new or existing wireless LoRaWAN open protocol networks. LoRaWAN systems do not require a dedicated PC or software — or a repeater network.

What are the benefits of LoRaWAN System Integration?

LoRaWAN offers a open protocol, secure connection between multiple different components of a building system. It is energy efficient and uses very little power, which in turn also minimizes costs. The signal from one LoRaWAN Gateway can span as far as 70 acres without any need for network extenders or repeaters. The range and low costs of wireless LoRaWAN systems allow you to implement as many LoRaWAN compatible submetering products across your property without any fear of dropped connections or drops in speed.

In addition to saving on utility costs and reducing carbon footprints, LoRaWAN system integration helps you, the property manager, save on installation costs as a single LoRaWAN gateway can cover a 70 acre property or 20 story building without requiring repeaters.  Additional gateways can be added for larger properties.

How do I get Submetering Solutions for LoRaWAN System Integration?

H2O Degree has a team of on-staff metering experts. Contact us today to learn more about our  LoRaWAN compatible submetering products. By Utilizing H2O Degree’s wireless LoRaWAN compatible products, your building can achieve your utility management goals quickly and easily.

LoRaWAN Compatible Submetering Products for Campuses 

For campus student housing and facility managers, managing utilities effectively can often seem like navigating a complex labyrinth. Enter LoRaWAN-compatible submetering products, a beacon of innovation, driving efficiency and sustainability. These devices are transformative agents that redefine how campuses monitor and control water and energy consumption. Imagine having the power to pinpoint exactly where and how utilities are used across multiple buildings and facilities. This precision leads to significant cost savings and also fosters a culture of responsible resource use among students and staff. The adoption of LoRaWAN technology on campuses represents a forward-thinking approach, ensuring that educational institutions are centers of learning and exemplars of environmental stewardship.

LoRaWAN Compatible Submetering Products for Multifamily Housing

Multifamily housing presents unique challenges in utility management. The diverse usage patterns and the shared nature of resources often result in inefficiencies and unnecessary waste. However, with LoRaWAN-compatible submetering products, property managers now have a solution that brings clarity and control to this complexity. These innovative devices offer detailed insights into water and energy usage, allowing for equitable billing and encouraging conservation among residents.

The wireless nature of LoRaWAN technology simplifies installation and maintenance, minimizing disruptions to residents. By integrating these submetering products, multifamily housing complexes can achieve a balance between comfort and sustainability, enhancing the living experience while contributing to a greener planet.

The Role of LoRaWAN in Sustainable Water and Energy Use

Sustainability is a necessity. As the world grapples with the challenges of increasing energy costs, climate change and resource depletion, technologies like LoRaWAN emerge as vital allies. LoRaWAN’s role in promoting sustainable water and energy use is profound. Enabling long-range, low-power communication for submetering devices ensures that monitoring and managing resources remains possible and practical on a large scale. This technology allows for real-time data collection and analysis, leading to smarter decisions that reduce waste and optimize consumption. Whether it’s identifying leaks early or adjusting usage patterns, LoRaWAN-compatible submetering products are at the forefront of creating a more sustainable future.

Turn to H2O Degree for Premium LoRaWAN Compatible Technology

At H2O Degree, we deliver solutions. As the first LoRaWAN submetering providers, with over 400 propertys metered, our range of LoRaWAN-compatible submetering products are designed with precision, reliability, and sustainability in mind. Our technology is crafted to meet the highest standards, ensuring you can monitor and control water and energy use with unparalleled ease and effectiveness. With over 50,000 devices installed, embrace the future of utility management with H2O Degree. Contact us today to improve your processes in a cost-efficient manner and streamline operations with our company.