Efficiency and sustainability are not just buzzwords but essential components for success and environmental stewardship when planning, building, and growing new construction projects. At H2O Degree, we specialize in providing industry-leading submetering, water leak & flood detection and thermostat control solutions that cater to the nuanced needs of new construction projects. Our products are designed to offer precise utility measurements, leading to significant cost savings, enhanced energy efficiency, and a smaller carbon footprint for your building. Embracing our submetering technologies means investing in the future of your construction and the future of the environment you operate within. Contact us today to learn more.

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Explore Our Submetering Products for New Construction

Our selection of submetering products is engineered with precision, integrating the latest technology to meet the diverse requirements of new construction projects. Here’s what we offer for new construction projects:

Wireless Water, Flood, and Leak Detection Systems

Water is a precious resource, and its management is critical in any new building. Our wireless water submetering and leak detection systems offer unparalleled accuracy when monitoring water usage and identifying leaks early. This prevents wasted water and safeguards the property from potential water damage, delivering peace of mind for both developers and residents.

Electric Metering Products

Electricity consumption is at the heart of utility management in modern construction. Our electric metering products are designed to provide detailed insights into electricity usage patterns, enabling effective energy management. By identifying high-consumption areas, developers and residents can implement strategies to reduce energy use and costs. In addition, submetering electricity enables tenants to better manage their personal energy usage, and only pay for the energy they actually use.  Landlords benefit by ensuring that all energy costs are recouped for the facility…it’s a win-win for both tenants and landlords.

Gas Metering Products

Gas metering is essential for safety and efficiency in any construction. Our gas metering products offer precise measurement and monitoring, facilitating the detection of leaks and ensuring the safe use of gas.

BTU Submetering Products

Heating and cooling systems are major contributors to energy consumption in buildings. Our BTU submetering products allow for accurate measurement of energy used for heating and cooling, empowering building owners to optimize their systems for maximum efficiency and comfort while minimizing energy waste.

Submetering System Infrastructure & Components

The backbone of effective submetering lies in a robust infrastructure. We offer a fantastic suite of submetering system infrastructure and components, including line-powered gateways, battery-powered pulse counters, wireless mesh transceivers, and cellular modems. These components work together seamlessly to provide real-time data, insightful analytics, and user-friendly interfaces for managing utility consumption.

LoRaWAN Compatible Submetering Products

LoRaWAN technology represents the cutting edge in long-range wireless communication, and our products are fully compatible. This makes sure that our submetering solutions are highly reliable and scalable and bring flexibility for future expansions or modifications without compromising on performance or accuracy.

Why You Should Start Your Brand New Construction With Our Submetering Products for New Construction Applications

Embarking on a new construction project is an opportunity to integrate innovative solutions that enhance the property’s functionality and appeal and contribute positively to the environment and society. Leverage H2O Degree’s fantastic submetering products and enjoy the following benefits.

Financial Viability and Cost Efficiency

The initial setup of submetering systems represents an investment that yields substantial returns over time. By providing precise data on utility usage, our products enable building operators to bill residents accurately for their individual consumption. This fairness in billing can significantly increase tenant satisfaction and retention. The detailed insights into usage patterns also empower tenants to adopt more responsible consumption habits, further driving down costs.

Driving Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

In today’s world, sustainability is more than just a trend. It’s a crucial responsibility for ALL business owners and residents. Our submetering products play a pivotal role in reducing the environmental impact of new constructions. By encouraging efficient utility use, we can drastically lower the carbon footprint of buildings. Reducing energy consumption directly contributes to the global efforts against climate change, making your project a part of the solution.

Compliance and Competitive Advantage

Regulatory landscapes around the world are increasingly focusing on sustainability and energy efficiency. By integrating our submetering products from the get-go, your project complies with current regulations and is prepared for future standards, avoiding costly retrofits. This proactive approach gives your project a competitive edge in the market. Properties equipped with advanced submetering systems are often perceived as more desirable, attracting a higher caliber of tenants and buyers willing to pay a premium for innovative, sustainable living spaces.

Enhanced Property Value and Market Appeal

The benefits of our submetering products extend beyond operational efficiencies and environmental impact. They significantly boost the market appeal and value of your property. Modern renters and buyers prioritize sustainability, technology, and personal control over their living environments. Our submetering solutions address these preferences, making your property stand out in a crowded market.

Future-Proofing Your Investment

Technology and sustainability are rapidly evolving fields. Our submetering products are designed with future trends in mind, ensuring that your construction remains relevant and efficient in the years to come. The scalability and adaptability of our systems mean that as your property grows or as new technologies emerge, your submetering infrastructure can quickly evolve to meet these changes without significant overhauls.

Building a Legacy of Innovation and Responsibility

Choosing our submetering products for your new construction is more than a practical decision; it’s a statement about the legacy you wish to create. It reflects a forward-thinking mindset, prioritizing the immediate benefits AND the long-term impacts on the environment, society, and the real estate market. Leading with innovation and responsibility sets a benchmark for others to follow.

Contact H2O Degree for New Construction Submetering Products

As you embark on your new construction project, remember that the choices you make today will resonate far into the future. Our submetering products offer a pathway to achieving operational excellence and financial savings and fulfilling a greater role in promoting sustainability and innovation. H2O Degree is here to support you in this journey, providing the tools and expertise needed to realize your vision for a smarter, greener future. Contact us today to learn more.


Electric Submetering Products

H2O Degree EM-1000 Electric Meter Photo
EM-1000 Stand-Alone Electric Meter
H2O Degree EM-7000 Electric Meter Photo
EM-7000 Electric Socket Meter
H2O Degree EM-2000 Electric Meter Photo
EM-2000 Din-Rail & Multiple Meter Electric Meter
H2O Degree EM-8000 Multi-Circuit Electric Smart Meter
EM-8000 Branch Circuit Monitor
H2O Degree EM-3000 Pre-wired electric meter panel
EM-3000 Pre-Wired Electric Meter Panel
H2O Degree E-Mon D-Mon Electric Meter Photo
Additional Electric Metering Products
H2O Degree EM-6000 Electric Meter Photo
EM-6000 Multi-Circuit Electric Smart Meter

Electric Metering Accessories

H2O Degree Electric Metering VG7000 vision gate
VG7000 - for use with EM-7000 Electric Meters
Additional Information…

How Does Electric Submetering Benefit You?

Our electric metering products have been installed on multi-family residential and commercial facilities for over 10 years providing building owners and tenants alike with an accurate, easy-to-install solution to manage electric utility costs within your facility. 

Electric meters install easily in new or retrofit applications to monitor utility energy usage data from individual tenants, common areas or individual pieces of equipment.

This data is easily accessible via a password-protected web portal that can be accessed by both building management and tenants to quickly see exactly when and where electricity is being used.

In addition, H2O Degree electric submetering systems integrate seamlessly with leading RBC (Read, Bill Collect) companies for automated tenant billing solutions.

Electric submetering is especially useful if you are the property manager of a building with multiple tenants, such as a college dorm or apartment building. Not only could this end up saving you money on utility billing, but it will substantially help your tenants as well. By giving your tenants insight into their energy consumption, it will make them more aware of their usage patterns and conserving energy where possible. Electric submetering solutions also allow for easier and more accurate utility billing for your tenants.

Meeting Electric Submetering Requirements

Some states – and in some cases specific cities – have their own set of electric submetering requirements for newly constructed or majorly renovated buildings.

H2O Degree’s electric metering products and services meet a variety of state and local regulations for energy conservation and utility management. Some states, such as California, strongly encourage electric submetering solutions to be present in all buildings through their SB7 submetering requirements and regulations.

Many buildings are likely following requirements set by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), which encourages property owners to submeter electric usage and other building utilities. H2O Degree’s electric meters and products support LEED certification, allowing you to improve your facilities while staying environmentally conscious.

Our team of experts, including local representatives, specialize in supporting your electrical submetering applications and can help you start managing your utility bill in a much more efficient and accurate manner.

Contact  H2O Degree or your local representative today for to implement your electric submetering solutions.

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