The RDU-1000 is a remote primary display with the ability to communicate with all types of pulse or encoder equipped water meter registers. The customer and meter readers can access the meter readings without having access to the water meter itself. It is available in single (cold) and dual (hot & cold) register models.

• For use with pulse or encoded registers
• Single or dual meter displays
• AMR Output
• Tamper Detection
• Resolves customer complaints

RDU-1000 Remote Display Unit
Single Display Cold & Dual Display Hot/Cold Units


  • The H2O Degree RDU-1000 is a remote display unit.
  • Devices communicate with all types of pulse or encoder equipped water meter registers.
  • Device provides a primary display for pulse or encoded register water meters.
  • Device is available in two versions:
    • RDU-1000-C – Cold Water Display
    • RDU-1000-HC-Hot & Cold Water Display
  • Meter readings are displayed on a 6-digit LCD display powered by a 3.6V lithium battery delivering a service life of more than 13 years.
  • The RDU-1000 contains a micro-processor that interrogates the encoder or stores counts from any pulse type metering device. The LCD display continually indicates the current meter reading.
  • The device has a communication connector that can only be accessed when the unit cover is removed. The connector allows the dedicated programming device to configure and set up the unit.
  • The device is programmed through a very simple pocket-sized device known as the RCM Programmer. It is not possible to change the configuration or readings without this device. During initial setup, the initial reading and any special K-Factors are entered into the device using the RCM Programmer.
  • Tamper detection indicates any unauthorized tampering with the wire, meter register and the security sealed cover. A large X appears on the display when any anomoly occurs. Only authorized personnel using the RCM Programmer can reset the tamper alarm.
  • All connections to the unit are by means of screw terminals accessible only when the cover is removed. The case offers sealing against water entry. Cable entry will be by a small hole on the base of the case. This must be adequately sealed after installation to maintain the water sealing in those installations that require such protection.
  • Required State Markings: The serial number, device identification, make, manufacturer and model number are contained on a label that is fixed inside the clear cover that cannot be changed or removed once the unit is sealed. The PCB is permanently fixed to the inside of the unit under the label and is not removeable.
  • Two year warranty.

Technical Specifications

Enclosure: Water resistant wall mount
Enclosure Material: Grey Poly-Carbonate
Cover Material: Clear Poly-Carbonate
Circuit Board: Conformal Coated (For Moisture Resistance)
Display: MARS Custom 8-Digit LCD
Connection: Internal Screw Terminal
Dimensions: 2.5″ x 4.5″ x 1.5″

State of California – CTEP Approved

Two Years

Dual Point-Of-Entry with Radio & Display
Installation Overview

Ordering Information

Model                   Description

RDU-1000-C        Single Display Cold Water Meter Remote Display Unit
RDU-1000-HC     Dual Display Hot & Cold Water Meter Remote Display Unit