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H2O Degree offers a variety of thermostat monitoring and control products and thermostat management solutions for facilities just like yours, including affordable housing, student housing, military and assisted living, apartments, condos, hotels, and commercial office and retail buildings. These thermostat control systems encourage utility conservation by offering easy remote and local control of conventional heating and cooling units, heat pumps, hydronic heating, and electric heating. With our products, residents can save on their heating bills by nearly 20%.

With a user-friendly dashboard, property managers and residents can adjust their thermostats at any point from a phone or computer. They can also program temperature setpoints and utilize vacant mode. If you are looking to manage the energy usage in your building or better manage tenant comfort, our remote thermostat control options for residential buildings will significantly upgrade your facility. 

H2O Degree offers a variety of thermostat monitoring and control products and solutions for your facility. For a free site evalation contact us today at info@h2odegree.com!

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Manage Your Tenants’ Thermostats 

Remote thermostat control for residential buildings puts the management of thermostats in the hands of tenants while allowing property managers to maintain a modicum of control. For example, by configuring setpoints for the tenant thermostats, property managers can allow their tenants to adjust their temperature within that range. This feature ensures both tenants and property managers are able to make temperature adjustments that benefit all of their needs. In addition, property managers can monitor thermostats remotely to prevent energy from being wasted while heating or cooling vacant apartments or common areas.

Thermostat Control for Student Housing

Our thermostat and temperature control solutions are highly beneficial for building owners with tenants who can’t always monitor their thermostats. For example, if you are the property owner of a college dorm or an off-campus apartment, your tenants are likely students who will be in and out of the building on an inconsistent basis. When they leave the campus and go home for breaks, such as over the summer or during the Thanksgiving holiday, no one will be around to adjust the thermostat, which can impact utility costs. With H2O Degree’s thermostat control systems for student housing, you can manage your tenants’ heating and cooling units when they are not in the building, preventing any spikes in utility charges.

Thermostat Control for Senior Living Facilities

Aging populations have increased sensitivity to cold and heat. For this reason, it’s important to ensure temperatures can be adjusted easily and in a timely manner. Our remote thermostat control systems for senior living facilities enable facility managers and residents to control their comfort and savings. Property managers can program setpoints so that residents don’t have to worry about making their homes too cold or too hot, and management can enhance savings by setting thermostats to the vacant mode in areas that are not being used. If issues arise, property managers will be notified, and they can schedule timely repairs.

Thermostat Control for Veteran & Military Housing

Smart home technology can enhance the lives of those living on base or in veteran housing. Remote thermostat control for veteran and military housing, in particular, boosts energy savings and helps combat rising electricity costs. When homes become vacant, property managers can use conservation settings to keep from heating or cooling unused spaces. Additionally, they can receive reports highlighting discrepancies between temperature settings and actual temperatures in the home to take care of potential HVAC equipment failures in a timely manner. Overall, veterans, military personnel, and their families will be more comfortable in their homes. 

How Does Thermostat Monitoring Benefit You? 

Remote thermostat control for residential buildings benefits the property manager and tenants alike. Property managers can monitor thermostats remotely and receive maintenance alerts at crucial times. When they have a better understanding of the condition of the units in their buildings, they can schedule timely repairs for equipment failure, track heating and cooling usage, prevent mold and mildew growth, and avoid potential fire hazards and freezing pipes.

Tenants benefit from remote thermostat control because they can adjust their home or office’s temperature within the property manager’s setpoints to ensure they’re always comfortable. It also empowers them to take greater control of their energy usage and allows them to lower their utility bills.

Our thermostat control systems have been utilized by a variety of multi-family residential and commercial buildings. If you’re wondering whether H2O Degree’s wireless thermostat control capabilities are right for you, don’t hesitate to speak with one of our specialists. We would be happy to discuss the flexibility and features you would enjoy with our systems.

How to Control Your Thermostat Remotely 

When you use our remote thermostat control system for your residential buildings, you will have access to our online web portal. Through this site, you can control each individual thermostat in the different parts of your building. Adjust thermostat setpoints for tenants, common areas, and vacant spaces, or identify issues that drive up heating and cooling costs. The portal is also available for tenants to adjust their individual thermostats within the setpoints created by the property managers. With these controls in place, living spaces become more comfortable, and everyone can save more.

Remote Smart Thermostat Control and Monitoring Can Save Lives in Emergencies

When we think of residential property safety, smoke detectors and security systems often come to mind. But did you know that accurate monitoring of residential smart remote thermostats can also play a vital role in keeping you safe during emergencies?

Smart remote thermostats like the ones offered by H2O Degree bring real-time monitoring capabilities, providing property managers with immediate information about conditions within a building. In emergency situations, such as sudden temperature drops that could lead to frozen pipes or a rapid increase in heat indicating a potential fire, these devices send automated alerts. This allows for quick action, potentially preventing further damage or even saving lives.

In addition to monitoring, these thermostats provide remote control functionality. This means property managers can adjust the temperature settings of a building from anywhere, at any time. In an emergency, this feature can be invaluable. For instance, if a fire breaks out, remotely shutting off a heating system can help prevent fire spread.

Reduce Energy Usage and Gain Better Control Over Your Heating and Cooling Costs

In the era of smart technology, residential remote thermostats are making a substantial difference in how we manage our energy usage. These devices can significantly reduce energy consumption with features like geofencing capabilities and real-time guidance. Geofencing allows the thermostat to adjust the temperature based on your location, ensuring no energy is wasted when you’re not home. Remote thermostat monitoring and control provides detailed information on energy usage reports, granting homeowners a clear understanding of their consumption patterns.

Think about how unlimited control can make an impact on your day-to-day. You can adjust temperatures from wherever and whenever without having to worry about if it’s actually done or having to disrupt your day. Learn more about the energy savings provided by H2O Degree’s remote thermostat control.

Utilize Our Smart Thermostats, Humidity Sensors, and Other Residential Thermostat Monitoring Products

Harness the power of smart technology to manage your home’s heating and cooling more efficiently with H2O Degree’s T1000 Smart Wireless Thermostat, M54110 Temperature/Humidity Sensor, and the W54455-MIN Relay Module. The T1000 thermostat allows for easy remote and local control of conventional heating and cooling units and heat pumps.

Our M54110 Temperature/Humidity Sensor monitors the temperature and tracks humidity levels in your residential property. This dual functionality helps maintain optimal atmospheric conditions, enhancing comfort while optimizing energy use. The W54455-MIN Relay Module is a wireless relay device that enables control of baseboard heaters, zone valves, and more when used with an H2O Degree thermostat. This seamless integration ensures you have complete control over your home’s heating and cooling systems, no matter where you are.

Together, these devices form a complete package — a solution for residential thermostat control that helps homeowners reduce energy usage and better manage their heating and cooling costs.

Learn More About Remote Thermostat Control for Residential Buildings 

With H2O Degree, keeping track of the temperature in your building has never been easier. Further, as a leading provider of utility energy equipment, you can order what you need from nearly any place in the world. Feel free to reach out to your local representative for a free site evaluation and product information. Additionally, you can contact our sales team at H2O Degree by phone or email with any questions.

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