H2O Degree offers a variety of thermostat monitoring and control products and thermostat management solutions for your facility.

With our products, residents can save on their heating bills by nearly 20% in some cases.

All thermostat monitoring and control products come with wireless thermostat control, so that residents can adjust their thermostats from a phone or computer. If you are looking to manage your energy usage in your building, or better manage tenant comfort, our thermostat monitoring and control products will significantly upgrade your building.

H2O Degree offers a variety of thermostat monitoring and control products and solutions for your facility. For a free site evalation contact us today at info@h2odegree.com!

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T1000 Smart Wireless Thermostat

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Manage Your Tenants’ Thermostats

In apartments and commercial buildings, the property owner can put management of thermostats in the hands of their tenants.  By configuring set points for the tenant thermostats, property managers can allow their tenants to adjust their own temperature within that range, this ensures that both tenants and property managers are able to make temperature adjustments that benefit all of their needs. In addition, property managers can also adjust temperatures in common areas and vacant spaces to ensure that energy is not wasted to head and/or cool spaces that are not being used.

Our thermostat & temperature control solutions are also beneficial for building owners who might have tenants that can’t always monitor their thermostats. For example, if you are the property owner of a college dorm or an off-campus apartment, your tenants are likely students who will be in and out of the building on an inconsistent basis. When they leave the campus and go home for breaks, such as over the summer or during the Thanksgiving holiday, there will be no one around to adjust the thermostat, which can impact utility costs. With H2O Degree’s wireless thermostat control systems, you can manage your tenants’ thermostats when they are not in the building, preventing any spikes in utility charges.

How Does Thermostat Monitoring Benefit You?

Thermostat management in a building benefit both the property manager and tenants alike.  Property managers can control vacant spaces, and set limits on heating and cooling in tenant spaces. Tenants benefit because they can adjust their individual temperature within these set-points to ensure their comfort in their homes or work spaces. Our thermostat monitoring and control products have been utilized by a variety of multi-family residential and commercial buildings.  H2O Degree’s  wireless thermostat control capabilities give you the flexibility and features you need to ensure comfort in your building..

How To Control Your Thermostat Remotely

With all of H2O Degree’s thermostat control systems, you have access to our online web portal. Through this site, you have full access to each individual thermostat in each part of your building. This program is where property managers will adjust thermostat setpoints for tenants, common areas and vacant spaces. The portal is also available to tenants to adjust their individual thermostats within the setpoints created by the property managers.

When you use our thermostat monitoring portal to manage your thermostat monitoring and control products, you will also receive reports that allows building managers to view temperature graphs for each apartment and measure total heat demand in conjunction with temperature changes.

With H2O Degree, keeping track of the temperature in your building uses has never been so easy. Further, as a l4eading provider of utility energy equipment, you can order what you need from nearly anyplace in the world. Feel free to reach out to your local representative for a free site evaluation and for product information, or you can also contact our sales team at H2O Degree with questions by phone or email at info@H2ODegree.com.

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