The H2O Degree EM-2000 Din-Rail & Multiple Meter Electric Meter is an advanced universal smart meter for all of your metering needs.

The Revenue Grade meter can be used on single-phase (120V 2-wire or 120/240V 3 wire) or three-phase (120-400V 3 wire or 120-480V 4 wire) applications.

The meter is equipped with fast RS-485 Communications and is compatible with 50/60 Hz applications. Meter supports 100A to 5000A CTs. This meter will work with any system commonly used around the world.

EM-2000 Din-Rail & Multiple Meter Electric Meter




  • The H2O Degree IEM-2000 is a universal application submeter.
  • Available as stand-alone or multiple meter cabinet configuration.
  • Submeter works on any 50/60 Hz system found around the world.
    – Single-Phase 120V 2 wire
    – Single-Phase 120/240V 3 wire
    – Three-Phase 120-400V 3 wire
    – Three-Phase 120-480V 4 wire
  • The meter uses our full range of compact external CTs. CT ratio can be set internally to work with up to 5000 amp CTs (no multiplier needed.)
  • RS-485 communication with 8x faster speed for remote reading.
  • Revenue Grade Accuracy.
  • Accurate to 0.5% (Class 0.5).
  • UL Listed & CUL Listed. Tested to CSA Standards.
  • Certified by the State of California Department of Weights and Measures. It is California Type Approved and meets California standards for revenue grade metering. Many other states accept California Type Approval for their metering requirements

Technical Specifications

  • Electrical
    Nominal Voltage Ranges:
    – Single-Phase, 120V, 2-wire, 1 line and Neutral
    – Single-Phase, 120/208-240V, 3-wire, 2 lines and Neutral
    – Three-Phase, 120V, 3-wire, 3 lines NO Neutral
    – Three-Phase, 120/208-240V, 4-wire, 3 lines and Neutral
    Rated Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Environmental
    Range of allowable environmental conditions: Pollution
    Degree 2, Measurement Category III, Altitude rating 2000 meters
  • Maximum Temperature Range: -30 Degrees C to 70 Degrees C
  • Specifications
    Tamper Detection Class 1
    Protected by Double Insulation
    Accuracy Class 0.5
  • Physical
    (H x W x D) 3.7 x 3.7 x 0.8 inches
    Color: Black
    Weight / shipping weight < 9 oz. / 1.8 lbs.
  • Warranty: Two Years


Ordering Information

EM-2000 **

EM-2000 Electric Submeter with RS-485 Communication**
Solid-Core 200A CT 26.6mA, 0.51” hole diameter
Split-Core 200A CT 26.6mA, 0.51” hole diameter
Solid-Core 400A CT 26.6mA, 0.91” hole diameter
Split-Core 400A CT 26.6mA, 0.98” hole diameter
Solid-Core 600A CT 26.6mA, 1.77” hole diameter
Solid-Core 800A CT 26.6mA, 3.15”hole diameter