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The H2O Degree LoRaWAN Temperature & Humidity Sensor is the perfect choice when you need to monitor the environment and protect delicate equipment and perishables.

The temperature and humidity sensor is designed specifically to measure changes in indoor environments. Perfect for use in domestic and commercial refrigerators, and easy to install across a variety of materials.

The H2O Degree temperature & humidity sensor is the perfect choice for environmental monitoring for energy
management and building/industrial
automation applications.


L54110 LoRaWAN Enabled Smart Sensor



  • The H2O Degree LoRaWAN temperature & humidity sensor is used for environmental monitoring and is compatible with H2O Degree’s LoRaWAN open protocol wireless network.
  • Access temperature and humidity data in indoor applications.
  • Discover and react to any heating or cooling issues that could impact your perishables or delicate equipment.
  • Installs anywhere indoors with ease, and take advantage of built-in magnets for placement on magnetic surfaces.
  • Reduce operational upkeep with extended battery life and small footprint.
  • Customize report time frames for alerts when and how you want them.
  • Quick and easy set-up in minutes. Send on-demand data packets by pressing a button.
  • Technical Specifications
    – Battery (1) D Battery
    – Estimated Battery Life: 5 Years*
    – Antennas: Built-In
  • Five Year Warranty

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LoRaWAN Temperature/Humidity Sensor