L54110 LoRaWAN Enabled Temperature/Humidity Sensor
H2O Degree L54115 LoRaWAN Enabled Smart Sensor
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The H2O Degree L54110 Temperature/Humidity Sensor provides a variety of functionality in a compact form factor. The sensor is ideal for holistically monitoring the home and office environment, whether it is measuring and reporting temperature, humidity or other custom features. It also supports battery status for easy maintenance.

The L54110 is optimized for long battery life and excellent RF performance. It is fully configurable over-the-air by the user for custom applications, behaviors, thresholds, trigger events and reports.

TheL54110 is cost effective and can be quickly modified for your application.


L54110 LoRaWAN Enabled Smart Sensor



  • The H2O Degree L54110 is designed to work with H2O Degree submetering systems.
  • General System Parameters:
    – Operating Temperature: 0 Degrees F to +40 degrees F
    – Size: 1.65” x 1.65” x .55”
    – Battery: Up to 10 year life model CR2450 (replaceable)
  • LoRa Parameters:
    – RF Power: 20 dBm (100mW)
    – RF Sensitivity: up to -140dBm
    – ISM Band: NA915, EU868, AS923, JP920, CH779
    – Antenna: Internal
    – LoRa Device Class: Class A or B
  • Regulatory Compliance:
    – Safety: IEC 60950-1 (CE)
    – Environmental: ETSI EN 300 019-2-1, 300 019-2-2
    ETSI EN 300 019-2-3, 300 -019-2-4
    – Regulatory: FCC 15.247 RSS-247
    FCC 15.209 RSS-Gen
  • Two Year Warranty.


• Temperature Measurement
– Sensing Element: Temperature/Humidity
– Parameter Configuration: Period (Integer), Default: 30 Minutes
– Parameter Configuration: Threshold (High/Low Alarms), Default: Disabled

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LoRaWAN Temperature/Humidity Sensor