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Wireless Submetering & Leak Detection Systems

Our scope of wireless utility metering, leak detection and alarming and thermostat control solutions include:

  • Wireless Utility Submetering
    • Water
    • Electric
    • Gas
    • BTU
  • Water Leak Detection & Alarming
  • Wireless Thermostat Control
  • Utility Consumption Analysis & Reporting

H2O Degree has been the leading supplier of utility management products for multi-family facilities for more than 15 years.

H2O Degree has been a leading provider of utility management solutions for more than 15 years.
Our scope of wireless utility metering, leak detection and alarming and thermostat control solutions are available for most multi-family residential, commercial and industrial applications.

How Does H2O Degree Help Reduce Utility Costs?

H2O Degree has enabled building owners and managers to recover and reduce utility costs within their facilities through our wireless utility metering, water leak detection & alarming and thermostat control systems. These systems have created increased net operating income and boosting property value while reducing energy consumption costs.

H2O Degree has sold 100,000+ wireless meters and control devices to help property managers and owners control utility costs. We look forward to helping your facility meet your utility goals.

H2O Degree Submetering Success Story - Apartments

Garden Style

H2O Degree Submetering Success Story - 360 State Street

High Rise & Mixed-Use

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What Types Of Facilities?

• Apartments
• Condos & Co-Ops
• Student Housing
• Low Income Housing
• Military Housing
• Mobile Homes
• Hotels
• Light Commercial & Retail

We Provide Wireless Utility Submetering, Leak Detection & Alarming, Thermostat Control and Utility Consumption Analysis & Reporting Solutions for All Building Types!

• High Rise
• Garden Style
• New Construction
• Retrofit
• All Plumbing, Electrical & Heating Designs and Equipment!

Who Benefits from Wireless Utility Submetering?

H2O Degree Utility Submetering, Water Leak Detection & Thermostat Control Systems

Building Owners

Wireless utility metering (submetering) gives property owners and managers the ability to shift the burden of utility expenses to the tenants – and off their income statement – by billing tenants for their actual utility usage. In addition, when property managers use automated tenant billing solutions, they are sure that they are only paying for the utilities they’ve actually used. The benefits include:

  • Reduced Operating Expenses
  • Increase Net Operating Income
  • Boost Property Valuation
  • Provide More Competitive Rents
  • Hedge Against Rising Utility Costs
  • Proper Allocation of Common Area Utility Costs
  • Control Over Vacant Utility Costs
  • Leak Detection Systems & Alarming Features Enable Change in Maintenance Staff Behavior
  • Encourage Conservation & Sustainability Among Residents


Wireless utility submetering enables residents to have control over their own utility costs. It creates an incentive for residents to conserve and change behaviors to lower their expenses. Residents feel empowered to help the environment and create a sustainable green living environment.

For tenants who are already smart about their energy usage, they can rest assured knowing that they won’t be overcharged for their utility billing with more efficient means of monitoring their individual energy consumption.

H2O Degree can help your property better manage their utility consumption through daily leak reports, point of use meters and wireless submetering products. Reach out to your local representative for a site evaluation and additional information on our products, or contact our team of experts at info@h2odegree.com

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