Metering System Infrastructure

H2O Degree provides submetering and utility management solutions with flexible metering system infrastructure to meet your unique applications. Our systems include a unique wireless mesh network system as well as products that integrate with LoRaWAN open protocol networks. 

Submetering systems are a cost-effective way to dramatically reduce your energy consumption, improve energy conservation while, at the same time, enhancing the value of your property.

When you have flexible submetering system infrastructures to meet the individual requirements of your property, it gives your residents the chance to be aware of and responsible for their own energy usage, while providing building owners with a flexible, cost effective solution that meets the individual configuration of your specific facility.

When the appropriate system is installed, you will typically see the average energy usage go down. In this manner, H2O Degree’s flexible submetering system infrastructures will help your property’s residents save money by enabling them to become more aware of their energy consumption day in and day out.

Below find information on H2O Degree’s submetering & leak detection system overview and infrastructure/components.  For a free site evaluation contact our team of experts at

Building Submetering & Leak Detection System Overview Diagrams

Submetering & Leak Detection System Infrastructure/Components

H2O Degree IT1000 IT1002 LIT1005Gateway
IT-1000 Line Powered Gateway
H2O Degree M54700 Line Powered Coordinator
M54700 Line Powered Coordinator
H2O Degree IT1000 IT1002 LIT1005Gateway
IT-1002 Line Powered Gateway
H2O Degree M54230 Two Channel Pulse Counter
M54230 Two Channel Battery Powered Pulse Counter
H2O Degree IT1000 IT1002 LIT1005Gateway
LIT-1005 LoRaWAN Enabled Gateway
H2O Degree M54130 Line Powered Four Channel Pulse Counter
M54130 Four Channel Line Powered Pulse Counter
H2O Degree M54200 Line Powered Wireless Mesh Transceiver
M54200 Line Powered Wireless Mesh Transceiver
L54215/L54230 LoRaWAN Enabled One or Two Channel Battery Powered Pulse Counter
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Do Your Part for the Environment with Efficient Submetering System Components

Not only do high-quality, flexible submetering system infrastructures deliver the flexibility to meet your building’s unique configuration, they also provide a cost effective solution whether your installation is on a new building, or a retrofit installation on an existing building.

Submetering system solutions give both property managers and tenants alike the opportunity to better manage utility costs and positively impact the environment.

Property managers implement submetering system solutions to allocate costs to tenants, departments and common areas accurately and effectively, while tenants have the ability see exactly where they use electricity and adjust their habits to positively affect their expenses.


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Subetering systems are based on the idea of measuring the actual energy and resources used by Facilities down to the level of individual tenants, departments, common areas and even individual pieces of equipment and building systems.

Our submetering system infrastructures provide the flexibility needed to accurately read the actual energy consumption in your facility to meet your individual goals such as equitable tenant billing, CAM charge management, building maintenance and energy conservation programs.

What Are the Benefits of Installing H2O Degree’s Flexible Submetering System Infrastructure?

Some of the other benefits of our wireless submetering system components include: 

  • Getting precise numbers on your residents’ actual energy consumption.
  • Exact energy usage data
  • Ability to get in-depth reviews of your building’s energy data.
  • Integrate with leading RBC (Read, Bill, Collect) companies for tenant billing solutions.
  • Having better information to make decisions to help optimize your energy use and streamline energy management programs.
  • Being able to record actual energy usage without relying on estimates.
  • Comparing energy usage across different buildings over time.
  • Being able to identify and cut out energy waste.
  • Quickly identifying maintenance problems before crucial equipment breaks down.
  • Identifying any unnecessary energy use during the nights or weekends.
  • Comparing energy usage across similar buildings and facilities over time.
  • Detecting errors in utility bills by comparing meter usage with actual utility bills.
  • Better energy management during limited demands or peak pricing periods.

Specify the Right Submetering System Infrastructure For Your Project Today!

With H2O Degree, keeping track of the energy your building uses has never been so easy. Further, as a leading provider of utility energy equipment, you can order what you need from nearly anyplace in the world.

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The Importance of LoRaWAN Integration

The integration of LoRaWAN technology with wireless submetering solutions stands at the forefront of innovation in utility management. LoRaWAN, a cutting-edge communication protocol designed for long-range wireless transmissions, is revolutionizing how we approach and implement submetering systems. The significance of incorporating LoRaWAN into our wireless submetering integrations and components cannot be overstated, as it brings a host of unparalleled benefits that cater to the pressing needs of modern utility management.

The primary advantage of LoRaWAN-integrated products lies in their remarkable ability to transmit data over long distances with minimal power consumption while navigating through challenging physical barriers, such as concrete walls and underground settings. This feature is particularly crucial for multi-family apartments, commercial buildings, and mixed-use properties where traditional metering solutions often fall short. LoRaWAN’s low cost per connection also makes it an economically viable option for widespread implementation, ensuring that utility providers can deploy extensive networks without incurring prohibitive costs.

The real-time data transmission capabilities of LoRaWAN-enabled devices facilitate immediate detection of faults and anomalies in water usage, allowing for swift corrective actions. This enhances operational efficiency while significantly reducing water wastage, aligning with global efforts towards sustainability. Additionally, the strong security features inherent in LoRaWAN, including device authentication and end-to-end encryption, ensure that all transmitted data remains secure from unauthorized access, safeguarding vital submetering information.

By integrating LoRaWAN technology into our wireless submetering solutions, H2O Degree provides a unique, complete, future-proof set of systems that addresses the complexities and challenges of modern utility management. The benefits of LoRaWAN integration underscore our commitment to innovation, efficiency, and sustainability, making it an indispensable component for anyone looking to optimize their utility management practices.

In the quest for sustainability and operational efficiency, H2O Degree has emerged as a leader, offering advanced submetering and leak detection solutions. Our suite of products has been crafted for precision and reliability and ushering in a new era of water management that emphasizes conservation, cost reduction, and environmental stewardship. Let’s take a closer look at the innovative components that form the backbone of our systems.

L54230 LoRaWAN Enabled Two Channel Battery Powered Pulse Counter

At the heart of our submetering solutions is the L54230 LoRaWAN Enabled Two Channel Battery Powered Pulse Counter. This device represents a leap forward in utility management technology, offering unparalleled accuracy in water usage monitoring. Its battery-powered operation ensures longevity and reliability, minimizing maintenance and maximizing efficiency.

M54230 Two Channel Battery Powered Pulse Counter

Precision and reliability define the M54230 Two Channel Battery Powered Pulse Counter. Designed to monitor water consumption, this device is a testament to the effectiveness of smart engineering in water management. Its battery-operated design ensures consistent operation, providing peace of mind to property managers and utility providers alike. The M54230 is indispensable for those who prioritize accuracy and dependability in their submetering solutions, offering a straightforward approach to tracking water usage without constant oversight.

M54700 Line Powered Coordinator

The orchestration of a cohesive and efficient water management system is made possible by the M54700 Line Powered Coordinator. This pivotal device acts as the nerve center of the submetering setup, facilitating seamless communication between the system’s components. Its line-powered nature guarantees uninterrupted operation, which is crucial for maintaining real-time monitoring capabilities. Integrating the M54700 into your water management framework empowers you with actionable insights derived from comprehensive, real-time data, enabling smarter decisions that promote sustainability.

M54200 Line Powered Wireless Mesh Transceiver

The M54200 Line Powered Wireless Mesh Transceiver is the linchpin of network reliability and coverage within a submetering system. Engineered to bolster the resilience of the communication network, it ensures that every data point, no matter how remotely located, is captured and relayed accurately. Its mesh networking capabilities mean each transceiver contributes to a stronger, more reliable network, enhancing the system’s overall performance.