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The H2O Degree LS4000 LoRaWAN water flood sensor detects leaks with an easy, flexible design. The dual water leak sensor is ideal for preventative maintenance and pipe monitoring.

Detect leaks with an easy, flexible solution. Avoid costly expenses with this low-cost sensor designed to detect leaks and transmit instant alerts before a major problem occurs. Designed with two probes to attach to areas prone with leaks for wider coverage.

The H2O Degree water flood sensor is ideal for water efficiency and building management applications.

LS4000 LoRaWAN Water Flood Sensor
for water leak detection

  • Features
    • The H2O Degree LS4000 LoRaWAN water flood sensor is a dual water leak sensor designed to work with H2O Degree LoRaWAN open protocol wireless networks.
    • Verify functionality of pipes and receive alerts for leaks right as they occur.
    • Pinpoint the exact location of leaks to avoid guesswork.
    • Reduce operational upkeep with extended battery life and small footprint.
    • Customize report time frames for alerts when and how you want them.
    • Quick and easy setup and connection in minutes.
    • Technical Specifications:
      -Battery: CR2450 Button Batteries (2)
      – Estimated Battery Life: 5 Years*
      – Antennas: Built-In
      – Operating Temperature: -20 degrees C to 50 degrees C
      – Storage Temperature: -40 degrees C to 70 degrees C
      – Communication Range: 10km (line of sight, depending on environment)
    • Five year warranty
    • Dimensions:
      Sensor: 57 mm x 35 mm x 15.2 mm
      Probe: 43 mm x 13 mm x 12 mm
      Wire length: 1000 mm (+/-5 mm)
      Weights: 48.9 g

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LoRaWAN Water Flood Sensor