H2O Degree is the industry’s leading provider of utility management solutions for multi-family, commercial and industrial facilities. Our solutions include a variety of wireless utility submetering, water leak & flood detection and thermostat control solutions.


What’s New at H2O?

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• Utility Submetering – Water, Electric, Gas & BTU

• Water Leak/Flood Detection & Alarming

• Wireless Thermostat Control

• Utility Consumption Analysis & Reporting


Over 500,000 H2O Degree devices are installed worldwide in a variety of multi-family facilities.

H2O Degree is a proud member of a variety of national and local trade associations supporting the multi-family housing and utility submetering and management industries including:


Wireless Mesh Technology by H2O Degree

Wireless Mesh™ radios are used by H2O Degree (and many others) to communicate building control and monitored data using an open published communications protocol.

The word “Wireless Mesh™” actually refers to an open radio protocol documented in the IEEE Standard 802.15.4. As such, any product that uses the Wireless Mesh™ protocol to communicate can send its data over any Wireless Mesh™ network. That’s why Wireless Mesh™ is actively supported by 175 companies, including Motorola, Johnson Controls, Trane, Mitsubishi, Honeywell, Samsung, IBM, Itron Eaton, Invensys, Cisco, Hitachi and Texas Instruments, just to name a few.

The Fact that Wireless Mesh™ is an open protocol may be the most compelling reason to choose a Wireless Mesh™ based system – but there are many other reasons:

  • Reliable Data Delivery
    Wireless Mesh™ radios form a self healing two-way mesh network that delivers much higher data through-put reliability. If one node fails, another picks up the load. If messages are not acknowledged, they retry. If interference becomes an issue, the frequency of the network can be changed. Wireless Mesh™ systems can run on any of 16 channels.
  • Device Control
    Every Wireless Mesh™ radio can receive as well send, so every meter can accept control instructions. For example, you can curtail utility use if the apartment is unoccupied or if the bill is not paid. Wireless Mesh™ gives you control capabilities no other radio network has.
  • Other Applications
    Wireless Mesh™ will lower the cost to add new Wireless Mesh™ based systems as they become available from any supplier, like security monitoring, smart temperature control, electric load controls on peak, time of use electric metering, intercom, text messaging to a display in each apartment. The list of possibilities is exhaustive.

LoRaWAN Compatible Products from H2O Degree

LoRaWAN networks are the latest industry technology that enables quick and easy connection of a variety of devices to a standard building network.

H2O Degree offers the industry’s first LoRaWAN enabled submetering equipment.

Our pulse counter, gateways and leakbreaker offerings integrate seamlessly with the open protocol LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) to remotely monitor and record utility submetering data.


H2O Degree’s LoRaWAN Enabled products does not require a dedicated PC or software — or a repeater network. H2O Degree’s LoRaWAN Enabled products improve data collection speed, accuracy and communication distance, all while simplifying and reducing the cost of submetering installations.

  • Garden Style Facilities

    One Lora Gateway covers a 70 acre property, no repeaters required! Additional gateways can be added for larger properties.
  • High-Rise Facilities

    One Lora Gateway covers a 20-story building, no repeaters required! Additional gateways can be added for larger properties.