H2O Degree M54700 Line Powered Coordinator

M54700 Line Powered Coordinator Overview

The H2O Degree M54700 Line Powered Coordinator is a wireless device that forms, monitors and controls the radio mesh network at each multi-family property. It is the heart of the H2O Degree wireless radio network.

The coordinator installs easily with the H2O Degree gateway via a USB cable. The coordinator manages data packet transmissions between the gateway and all radio devices integrated in the wireless

– Wireless water meters
– Wireless gas meters
– Wireless electric meters
– Wireless BTU Meters
– Wireless thermostats
– Wireless relays
– Wireless pulse counters


M54700 Line Powered Coordinator


  • The H2O Degree M54700 is a coordinator. (One coordinator required per gateway.)
  • M54700 Line Powered Coordinator Applications include submetering, remote energy monitoring & management and leak detection in multi-family facilities.
  • Wireless mesh network system is ideal for new or retrofit installation.
  • Remote monitoring and control of wireless devices attached to water, gas, electric and BTU meters.
  • Device forms, monitors and controls the radio mesh network at each multi-family property.
  • Interfaces gateway to wireless mesh network to receive data from radio devices installed on the network, and transmit commands back to devices installed on the
  • Installs at gateway via USB cable.
  • Software can be updated remotely.
  • Radio is compatible with the H2O Degree secure wireless 2.4 GHz mesh network.
  • LED power indicator.
  • Health packet reported (120 minute interval default.)
  • Five year warranty.

    System Overview

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M54700 Line Powered Coordinator Technical Specifications

Equipment compatibility
Voltage input 5 volt DC
Current input 45 milli-amps typical from USB cable, 250 milli-amp max

Regulatory approvals
US Complies with FCC CFR Part 15
European RADIO EN 300 328:v1.7.1
European EMC EN 301 489-17:V2.1.1
European SAFETY EN 60950-1:2005 (Ed. 2.0)


20 dBm output power
High sensitivity -106 dBm
16 channels (802.15.4 Channel 11 to 26)
Data rate 250 kilo bytes per second
2.4 GHz ISM band

Operating temperature 0 to 30 degree C
Storage temperature -25 to 50 degrees C

Installation indicators
LED (green) indicates coordinator power

(H x W x D) 5.0 x 3.5 x 1.0625 inch Color gray
Weight / shipping weight < 9 oz. / 1 lbs.

Five Years

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Line Powered Coordinator (includes a USB cable to connect to gateway.)