Want Lower Energy Bills? H2O Degree Has the Solution!

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Check out our free educational webinar and learn how to lower energy bills for your facility!

Join H2O Degree and Learn About Our Thermostat & Temperature Control Solutions

In partnership with the NAA, H2O Degree is proud to host our webinar dedicated to thermostat and temperature control solutions for owners of properties that house multiple families. Beginning on July 19, 2023, at 2 pm Eastern Time, this exciting event promises to open plenty of eyes to the amazing offerings provided by H2O Degree and leave you wondering why you have yet to invest in quality temperature and thermostat control solutions! Register online and get started!

Innovation Is Just One Webinar Away!

The exciting and growing world of cost-saving measures for multifamily properties and facilities promises to continue to deliver innovative and efficient solutions for all. With the ever-increasing pressure on property owners and managers to maximize returns on investment, exploring groundbreaking ways to reduce expenses without sacrificing quality or tenant satisfaction is crucial. In our webinar, we’ll discuss the importance of lowering bills for multifamily properties and share some proven tools and strategies to help you achieve significant savings while maintaining a thriving and sustainable community. So, let’s get started on this journey toward efficient and eco-friendly property management!

What You Can Expect at Our Event

We’ll highlight our unique products designed to deliver benefits along the entire spectrum of tenant utility billing. These include:

  • Utility management
  • Submetering & tenant billing
  • Thermostat control
  • Flood & leak detection
  • And more!

Applications of these solutions also include:

  • Market-rate apartments and condominiums
  • Student housing and dorms
  • Government and military housing
  • Affordable housing
  • Hotels and hospitality
  • And more!

We’ll discuss billing tenants based on run-time, algorithm-based maintenance alerts, outside and inside temperature usage, and a web portal that can help tenants isolate the usage of each property and give a clearer view of their utility usage. We’ll help to reduce your utility bills without taking away tenant responsibility and encourage efficient and effective services for all property owners! Explore our suite of thermostat monitoring, water metering, and leak detection products, and more beforehand to help align your properties with successful offerings.

Additionally, H2O Degree’s commitment to delivering a worthwhile experience means lunch will be provided for us! Attend our webinar and gain access to a $15 gift card for DoorDash and Uber Eats! Enjoy a free meal with us while you learn about the additional ways to put hard-earned cash in your pockets. *Attendees must be located in the USA and opt-in during registration for the event.*

Can’t attend the event? We won’t hold it against you. You can still register to receive a free copy of the presentation and a link to the recorded webinar after it’s complete.

Attend Our Webinar and Get One Step Closer to Effective and Efficient Operations in Your Multifamily Property

Our webinar on July 19 at 2 pm Eastern Time promises to be an exciting event that exposes you to many new ways of changing up the way you view utility billing. You can enjoy plenty of benefits, such as heating and cooling costs offset by almost 20%, and additional perks that stand the test of time.

Learn more by contacting H2O Degree directly or by registering now for our FREE event! Take charge of your entire property and learn how it feels to be a property owner in true control of every aspect of your facility.