Thermostat Monitoring Solutions Overview

H2O Degree’s wireless thermostat control solution allows property managers and owners to take charge of their heating and air-conditioning systems in their building. Through the H2O Degree web portal, owners can control temperature set-points, establish time-of-day setbacks, view the temperature inside the units as well as alarm for potential maintenance issues. Owners are able to better manage their utility costs in occupied spaces as well as establish a program to control vacant unit utility costs.

A thermostat anomaly report is generated daily that highlights some of the following issues:

• In-room temperature below or exceeding set-point (indication of possible external heating or air-conditioning source, i.e. space heater.)

• System calling for cooling or heating all day but never obtaining temperature set-point (indication of a maintenance equipment failure.)

• Correlation of outdoor temperature to actual indoor unit temperature for analysis.