Submetering Products for Student Housing

H2O Degree’s innovative submetering solutions are revolutionizing how colleges and universities manage student housing utility costs. Our products provide an unprecedented level of control over energy usage across your property.

With real-time data at your fingertips, student housing and dormitory property managers gain a clear picture of students’ consumption patterns (which can vary greatly), empowering them to make informed decisions about their energy use. For property managers, our submetering solutions offer a straightforward method to allocate utility costs based on actual usage, contributing to reduced operating expenses.

Harness the power of H2O Degree’s submetering solutions to transform your energy management approach. Together, we can shape a more sustainable future for student housing.

Why Would Student Housing Need Submetering?

Energy management can be a complex task for colleges and universities, especially as student housing facilities grow in size. H2O Degree’s submetering solutions offer an effective answer to this challenge. By providing precise, real-time data on energy usage, our products empower housing managers with the ability to monitor and control their properties’ energy consumption efficiently.

Submetering encourages conservation by showing students the direct impact of their consumption habits. Our products provide a practical learning experience, showing students the importance of responsible energy use.

How H2O Degree’s Products Support Student Housing

Wireless Water, Flood and Leak Detection Solutions

H2O Degree’s wireless water flood and leak detection systems offer an advanced layer of protection for colleges and dormitories, ensuring that any water-related issue is detected and addressed promptly. These systems are designed to provide precise alerts, allowing for immediate action and prevention of wasted water and property damage. Our technology includes a diverse line of wireless water meters that protect the physical infrastructure of your facility while enhancing the student experience by avoiding disruptions caused by leaks and floods. The products also help detect water usage inefficiencies, enabling smarter water management and reduced operational costs.

Electric Metering Products

H2O Degree’s electric metering products provide precise, real-time data on electricity usage. They allow property managers to monitor and manage energy consumption in student housing effectively. Electric metering products like our EM-1000 Stand-Alone Electric KWH Meters and our EM-8000 Branch Circuit Meter provide plenty of features such as multi-channel submetering and a 2-row, 16-character backlit LCD for easy setup and programming.

Gas Metering Products

Gas metering products like our GM0500 Diaphragm Gas Meter allow student housing property owners to track gas consumption accurately. By identifying high-use areas and implementing targeted energy-saving measures, these tools help reduce utility costs and promote more sustainable energy usage. These tools also come with features like a pulse output to interface with H2O Degree wireless mesh network and are designed for installation in various locations.

BTU Submetering Products

H2O Degree’s BTU submetering products offer detailed insights into heating and cooling energy consumption. Products like our M54131 BTU Meter and RTD1004 BTU Meter Outlet Temperature Probe work together to provide the finest solutions for properties of all shapes and sizes.

LoRaWAN Compatible Submetering Products

H2O Degree’s LoRaWAN-compatible submetering products utilize long-range, low-power wireless technology to provide real-time data on energy use. Our products include the LS1000 LoRaWAN Door/Window Sensor and LS5000 LoRaWAN Water Flood Rope Sensor, with other options to aid with large student housing facilities

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H2O Degree’s submetering solutions are an invaluable tool for property managers of student housing facilities. As you strive to provide a sustainable living environment that is both cost-effective and beneficial for your tenants, look to some of the more unique products on the market to deliver the right solutions for your needs. Reach out to us today to learn more.