Submetering Solutions for Military Housing

At H2O Degree, we are committed to assisting military housing facilities in optimizing their energy and water usage with our wireless submetering products. Our advanced solutions offer a unique approach to conservation, cost savings, and accountability. We specialize in providing precise measurements and transparent data, enabling military housing units to monitor consumption accurately, allocate costs fairly, and encourage sustainable practices. H2O Degree helps you invest in a future of efficiency, sustainability, and intelligent resource management.

What Makes Submetering in Military Housing So Important?

In military housing, where every resource is valuable and every dollar counts, submetering has emerged as one of the biggest and brightest tools for efficient management that supports our dedicated military personnel.

Submetering provides the necessary data to understand and manage energy consumption effectively. It helps identify wasteful practices, promotes accountability, and encourages conservation. But it goes beyond the numbers. It’s about ensuring our military personnel have access to comfortable, well-maintained housing without losing efficiency and effectiveness.

By implementing submetering in military housing, we can provide numerous benefits:

  • Accurate Billing: Submetering ensures that each unit is billed only for its actual consumption, promoting fairness and transparency.
  • Energy Conservation: By making residents aware of their consumption patterns, submetering encourages more responsible use of resources.
  • Cost Savings: Efficient energy usage leads to significant cost savings, freeing up funds for other essential services.
  • Early Leak Detection: Submetering systems can help identify leaks early, preventing costly damage and waste.
  • Sustainability: By promoting energy efficiency, submetering contributes to sustainability efforts, aligning with the military’s environmental responsibility goals.
  • Improved Living Conditions: Efficient resource management can lead to better maintenance and improvements in military housing, enhancing living conditions.

LoRaWAN Compatible Solutions

Our LoRaWAN-capable submetering solutions leverage the power of long-range, low-power wireless communication technology. This allows military bases to monitor real-time energy usage across large and complex properties. With this technology you can easily identify inefficiencies, implement corrective measures and track the results, all in real-time.  With the addition of wireless flood, occupancy and other various LoRa-Enabled sensors you can greatly expand the insight over your facility and leverage this data to lower costs, while increasing efficiency.

Military Housing Solutions

Wireless Water, Flood and Leak Detection Solutions

H2O Degree’s wireless water flood and leak detection systems offer an advanced layer of protection for military bases, ensuring that any water-related issue is detected and addressed promptly. These systems are designed to provide precise alerts, allowing for immediate action and prevention of extensive damage. Our technology includes a diverse line of wireless water meters that protect the physical infrastructure of your base while enhancing the guest experience by avoiding disruptions caused by leaks and floods. The products also help detect water usage inefficiencies, enabling smarter water management and reduced operational costs.

Electric Metering Products

H2O Degree’s electric metering products offer an excellent solution for military bases to monitor and manage their electricity usage. These products provide precise data on energy consumption across different areas of the base. This information empowers facility managers to make data-driven decisions to optimize energy, save costs, enable preventative maintenance, allocate costs to departments and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Gas Metering Products

Our gas metering products give military bases granular insight over their gas usage. With precision monitoring, our products enable you to identify usage patterns and inefficiencies and implement measures to reduce unnecessary consumption. By promoting energy efficiency, our gas submetering products can help ensure budgets are accurate and significantly reduce operational costs.

BTU Submetering Solutions

H2O Degree’s family of BTU submetering products allow baswes to accurately track heating and cooling energy consumption. This is critical in a sector where HVAC systems often account for a significant portion of energy use. With our BTU submeters, you can gain insight into your HVAC system’s performance and identify opportunities for energy-saving improvements.