Submetering Solutions for Low-Income Housing

Submetering is a game-changer when it comes to managing utility costs and promoting sustainability in low-income housing. By providing real-time, accurate data on energy usage, our submetering products empower property owners to implement targeted energy-saving measures, reducing operating costs and making housing more affordable for tenants.

Leverage H2O Degree’s Submetering Products for Low-Income Housing

LoRaWAN Compatible Submetering Products

Our LoRaWAN-enabled water meters, pulse counters, gateways, sensors, and valves are compatible with low-income housing submetering applications. They offer wireless connectivity and accurate data transmission for efficient utility management, making them an excellent choice for property owners looking to optimize their utility usage. Learn more about our LoRaWAN-compatible submetering products here.


Wireless Water, Flood and Leak Detection Solutions

H2O Degree’s wireless water flood and leak detection systems offer an advanced layer of protection for low-income housing facilities, ensuring that any water-related issue is detected and addressed promptly. These systems are designed to provide precise alerts, allowing for immediate action and prevention of extensive damage. Our technology includes a diverse line of wireless water meters that protect the physical infrastructure of your property while enhancing the guest experience by avoiding disruptions caused by leaks and floods. The products also help detect water usage inefficiencies, enabling smarter water management and reduced operational costs.

Electric Metering Products

H2O Degree’s electric metering products are designed to provide an accurate and simple solution for managing electric utility costs in low-income housing. These devices can be conveniently installed in both new construction and retrofit applications, allowing property owners to monitor energy usage data from individual tenants, common areas, or specific equipment. The seamless integration with leading RBC companies enables automated tenant billing solutions.

Gas Metering Products

Our gas metering products are a perfect fit for low-income housing. These diaphragm gas meters provide precise measurements of gas consumption, and their easy installation makes them a preferred choice. They deliver accurate billing while also helping to promote responsible usage among tenants.

BTU Submetering Products

H2O Degree offers a range of line-powered BTU meters and BTU meter outlet temperature probes ideal for submetering in low-income housing. Our devices accurately measure thermal energy consumption and provide valuable data for utility billing, helping property owners manage energy use effectively. Check out our BTU submetering products here.


How Can Submetering Manage Utility Costs and Support Low-Income Property Owners

Submetering is an essential tool for property owners, especially those managing low-income housing. It provides a detailed understanding of utility consumption, enabling owners to implement strategic measures that can lower costs and promote sustainability.

One of the main advantages of submetering for low-income property owners involves their finances. With traditional utility billing, property owners often bear the brunt of excessive utility use by tenants since they typically have to cover the cost of utilities themselves. But with submetering, each tenant is responsible for their own consumption. This encourages tenants to be more conscious of their usage, resulting in overall lower utility costs for the property.

By reducing the burden of utility costs, property owners can focus more on maintenance, improvements, and other aspects that increase the property’s value and livability. This can lead to higher tenant satisfaction and retention rates, especially in properties where families are likely to be strained financially and in need of as many benefits as possible.

Enhancing Property Value and Attractiveness

A property with a submetering system is typically seen as more attractive to potential tenants. The transparency it provides in terms of utility billing can be a selling point, as it assures tenants will only pay for what they consume. It also signals that the property is managed efficiently and with tenant interests in mind, which can enhance the property’s reputation and desirability.

Improved Utility Management and Leak Detection

Submetering systems often come with real-time monitoring capabilities. This allows for immediate detection of abnormal usage patterns, which can be indicative of leaks or system malfunctions. Early detection prevents wastage and helps avoid costly damages and repairs.

H2O Degree: Revolutionizing Utility Management in Low-Income Housing with Submetering

We believe in creating a more sustainable and equitable future for low-income housing. Our submetering products are designed with this vision in mind. With our solutions, you can foster a culture of conservation, enhance the value of your property, and contribute to a greener future. Partner with H2O Degree today and experience the transformative power of efficient utility management in low-income housing.