Submetering Solutions for Hotels & Hospitality Applications

Hotels are always looking for better ways to monitor, manage and reduce water and energy consumption. H2O Degree’s state-of-the-art submetering products offer hotels unprecedented precision and control over their utilities’ usage. The wireless solutions allow property managers to pinpoint exactly when, where and how energy resources are being used and having the data to implement cost-saving measures.

LoRaWAN Compatible Solutions

Our LoRaWAN-capable submetering solutions leverage the power of long-range, low-power wireless communication technology. This allows hotels to monitor real-time energy usage across large and complex properties. With this technology you can easily identify inefficiencies, implement corrective measures and track the results, all in real-time.  With the addition of wireless flood, occupancy and other various LoRa-Enabled sensors you can greatly expand the insight over your facility and leverage this data to lower costs, while increasing your guest experience.

Hospitality Solutions

Wireless Water, Flood and Leak Detection Solutions

H2O Degree’s wireless water flood and leak detection systems offer an advanced layer of protection for hotels, ensuring that any water-related issue is detected and addressed promptly. These systems are designed to provide precise alerts, allowing for immediate action and prevention of extensive damage. Our technology includes a diverse line of wireless water meters that protect the physical infrastructure of your hotel while enhancing the guest experience by avoiding disruptions caused by leads and floods. The products also help detect water usage inefficiencies, enabling smarter water manaement and reduced operational costs.

Electric Metering Products

H2O Degree’s electric metering products offer an excellent solution for hotels to monitor and manage their electricity usage. These products provide precise data on energy consumption across different areas of the hotel facility. This information empowers you to make data-driven decisions to optimize energy, save costs, enable preventative maintenance, allocate costs to tenants or departments and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Gas Metering Products

Our gas metering products give hoteliers granular control over their gas usage. With precision monitoring, our products enable you to identify usage patterns and inefficiencies and implement measures to reduce unnecessary consumption. By promoting energy efficiency, our gas submetering products can help hotels significantly reduce operational costs.

BTU Submetering Solutions

H2O Degree’s family of BTU submetering products allow hotels to accurately track heating and cooling energy consumption. This is critical in a sector where HVAC systems often account for a significant portion of energy use. With our BTU submeters, you can gain insight into your HVAC system’s performance and identify opportunities for energy-saving improvements.

Does Your Hotel Need Submetering Products?

Hotels are one of the longest-lasting industries, a constant in an ever-changing world. But that doesn’t mean you should let the industry pass you by. Hotels thrive on efficiency, including check-out times, baggage transport, and even in elements like the food services offered.

So why sacrifice the efficiency of your utilities?

Submetering products from H2O Degree are revolutionizing the way hotels manage their utilities. With our products, including BTU submetering, gas metering, electrical metering products, and remote water valve control systems, hotels can gain a detailed understanding of their utility usage. This data-driven approach allows them to identify inefficiencies, implement conservation measures, and track the results in real time. The benefits of incorporating our submetering products into your hotel operations are far-reaching.

  • Increased Energy Efficiency: Our products allow for precise tracking of energy usage, enabling you to identify wastage and implement energy-saving measures.
  • Cost Savings: By reducing unnecessary consumption of utilities, you can significantly lower operational costs.
  • Sustainability: Implementing energy-efficient practices contributes to your hotel’s sustainability goals, which can be an important factor for environmentally-conscious guests.
  • Leak Detection: Our remote water valve control systems can help detect and control water leaks, preventing costly damages and waste.
  • Improved Maintenance: Real-time monitoring allows for proactive maintenance, reducing the risk of costly repairs or replacements.
  • Compliance: Our submetering solutions can help hotels comply with local regulations regarding energy efficiency and conservation.
  • Guest Satisfaction: By ensuring efficient utility usage, you can provide a comfortable environment for your guests without interruptions due to maintenance issues or system failures.

Let H2O Degree Lead You to Efficient and Affordable Solutions

H2O Degree’s submetering products provide a powerful solution for an industry that demands it. Our industry-leading technology offers precision, control, and real-time insights that empower you to transform your hotel’s operational efficiency. Looking to reduce costs, prevent waste, or contribute to a greener future? Experience the H2O Degree difference today by exploring our fantastic suite of ever-growing product offerings.